Parking rules at ODP from 2 January 2024

There are two key things you need to note:

  1. Find the ‘car parking’ tablet mounted on the bar at the clubhouse – you will need to use this whenever you want to park your car at the sportsground. If in doubt, please ask the bar staff for guidance;
  2. To avoid the risk of getting caught by a fine, remember to enter your Registration Number into this tablet every time you park at the club.

Please read the ODP Management letter below for details about how the new controlled parking system is administered and how you need to fit into it. 

New ANPR Controlled Parking at ODP

2 December 2023

Dear Members,
The Board of Old Deer Park Sports Ground Limited (ODPSG) has approved the introduction of a system of parking charges controlled by Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) at ODP. This is intended to eliminate unauthorised parking and improve the security at the sports ground.

As you may have already seen, ANPR cameras and new signage have been installed at ODP and the system will go live on 2nd January 2024.
The details of the new ODP Parking Policy are as follows:

  • Parking controls will apply from 8am to 8pm, every day of the year except Bank Holidays.
  • A two-hour grace period applies so that deliveries, drop-offs and pick-ups are not charged. Any vehicle that leaves ODP within two hours will not be charged.
  • Members of the ODP clubs* do NOT need to pay to park at ODP. However, if the member’s vehicle will be parked at ODP for more than two hours, its registration number must be entered into the tablet at the main bar in the club house. This validation must be done within the TWO HOUR grace period, or a £60 penalty notice will be issued.
  • Parking of unauthorised vehicles will initially be charged at a rate of £3.00 an hour up to a maximum of £11.25 for a full 24-hour period. New signage around ODP explains the multiple ways of making payment.
  • Only members (and members of visiting clubs) are allowed to enter their vehicle details into the tablets. We encourage members not to facilitate abuse of the system – parking at ODP is a privilege of club membership.
  • To repeat, any vehicle remaining in ODP longer than two hours, that has not been either validated or paid for, will be issued with a £60 penalty notice.
  • Cancellation of a penalty notice for members who forget to validate their vehicle will cost £10, payable at the main bar.

The effectiveness and suitability of this Parking Policy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
The Board of ODP Sports Ground Ltd thanks you in advance for supporting this important initiative.
Kind regards,
The Directors of ODP SG Limited.
* The ODP Clubs are London Welsh RFC, Richmond Cricket Club, Richmond Lawn Tennis Club and Royal Richmond Archery Club.