Feedback received on Coaches at the Club

If you would like to thank our coaching team or give them helpful advice, send your feedback to Tom Dyball ([email protected])  or  ([email protected])  and we will share them here.



Hi Tom,

Please find attached form to request xxxx stays on and does tennis next term.  I have made the bank transfer today.

I would also just like to thank you for inspiring her! She has never been into sport, and always hated PE. This is the first sports club she has ever wanted to participate in and she is really enjoying it. I hope she continues to do so and continues to make progress as I am really keen she stays fit and finds a sport she enjoys. Thanks very much for all your hard work this term.

Best wishes


Jen Higginson

Deputy Head Teacher

 Fleetville Infant and Nursery School



To give feedback it has been refreshing to have Paul as our new coach.  He teaches with great commitment and I am getting clear direction. I can hear and put into practice for different strokes.

Very good!