We have recently had a new keypad system installed for entry to the courts which is linked to the booking system. Please note the following:

  1. With the new system you will get a PIN code with your booking confirmation which is always a * followed by 6 digits.
  2. To unlock the door within the booking window, you should press the star (*) key followed by the 6-digit code.
  3. If the keypad flashes blue that indicates success and the door should now open.
  4. If it flashes red, then it’s likely that you’ve entered an invalid code.
  5. NOTE that if you press the * key for too long it can register as 2 presses which can confuse the system, likely resulting in an error after 5 more digits are entered. Indicated by the keypad flashing red.
  6. Also, when leaving the courts please make sure that you firmly pull the doors to so that the lock properly engages.