- Currently the Clubhouse must not be entered except to access to emergency first aid equipment and floodlight          switches

- Our toilet facilities remain closed

- Social distancing rules to be observed at all times

- All use of our courts to be booked on line

- Singles play only, doubles only if all players are from the same or extended household

  Members are currently able to book from up to three days in advance and non-members from a day  

  in advance.  Sessions will be for 60 or 120 minutes and one booking per day will be permitted.  These rules

  will be regularly reviewed as court usage patterns are established.

- The courts will be left unlocked so as to avoid problems with transmission from court key and access


- The net winder and net bands are removed to avoid transmission problem

- There is a small spply of club balls for members accessible in the Clubhouse.  Please return them after use.

- As sport shops may still be closed and many players will not have balls at home, balls are currently

  available from the club.

  Available balls will be of two categories (a) new balls in pressurised four ball cans (usual club stock) for £4

  (b) good quality used non pressurised balls (long life ITI quality) for free

  These balls can be ordered from Douglas who will make arrangements with you for “collection”, home tel.  

  552534, mobile 07952 835950, or email [email protected]



- Make sure you have booked on line before leaving for the courts

- Before leaving home and on return, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

- Take hand sanitizer with you

- Take all equipment with you, racket, balls clearly marked with your initials, hand sanitizer, drink

- Arrive at the courts on time

- Avoid touching any court equipment

- Wait for previous users to leave before entering

- No handshakes or high fives at completion of session

- Change ends at opposite sides of court

- Bring a full water bottle

- No social activity after play

- Remember that on site toilet facilities will not be open

- “Open” and “close” gate with feet


Any queries please contact Douglas Gibson, Secretary, contact details above.