At Dulwich LTC we organize a wide range of competitions from Grade 5 County Tournaments to internal Box Leagues. Any age group and level are welcome.

Pleae contact  Head Coach Sebastien early should you have any questions regarding the tournaments.

We will see you all on the courts.

June Tournaments:

  • DLTC Tournament

This will be the big tournament of the year at Dulwich LTC.

Get reardy for two weeks of good tennis and great fun. Matches will be played every day from 7pm onwards and weekends from 9am. Time to get ready  to show your skills playing singles and to find  your partner to play doubles and mixed doubles. 

For more information about the tournament or if you would like to get involved as a volunteer please contact Head Coach Sebastien.

May Tournaments:

  • Box League

Nex box Leagues from the 1st May - 30thh September.

Here are the categories;

- Ladies' singles and doubles

- Mens' singles and doubles

- Mixed doubles

The format is one set matches. Groups will contain up to 8 players or 8 teams with the top two going up a division and the bottom two going down a division.

There will be two seasons per year as for the teams.

Contact Head Coach Sebastien to enter this competition.

April Tournaments:

  • 12&U Boys Grade 5 County Tournament

On the 28th of April, DLTC will receive players from all over the County to participate at the 12&U Boy Grade 5 County Tour Tournament.

March Tournaments:

  • Mini Tennis Tournament

Welcome to our little champions at DLTC!
This tournament is aimed to all kids aged between 6 to 10 years- old. The 8&U and 9&u will start at 12 noon while the 10&U will start at 2PM.
Great fun and matches guaranteed!

  • Adult & Child Tournament







We look forward to our first  Adult & Child tournament of the year on Sunday the 24th of March from 9am.
We hope to have great weather on the day so we can enjoy great matches.
Turn up and support your family and friends!