At Dulwich Lawn Tennis Club  we organize a wide range of competitions from Grade 5 County Tournaments to internal Box Leagues. Any age group and level are welcome.

Pleae contact  Head Coach Sebastien early should you have any questions regarding the tournaments.

We will see you all on the courts.


An exciting year to be part of DLTC!
Here are the upcoming events we will run at the club:
* Saturday 10th of February 2024:
16&U Boys singles Matchplay
* Sunday 11th of February 2024:
13&U Boys singles Matchplay
* 1st of March- 31st of May 2024:
Spring- Summer Box League season
* 24th of March 2024:
Mini Tennis festival (Red, Orange and Green)
* 1st- 17th of June 2024:
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS (The one, the only, the highlight of the year).
We will keep our members updated directly about the latter and we will keep on adding more events as the year progresses.










 - DAY 1 & 2 : What a great first weekend of our club championships at Dulwich LTC.
We had over 50 matches played in the glorious sunshine and some great performances.
Please refer to our link to check results and matches schedule: RESULT, DRAW AND SCHEDULE
Please, always write your score on the sheet by the decking and/or text/email Sebastien as soon as possible so that he can organise the following matches.
A big thank you to Johanna, Susie, Therese, Jonny and Jon for managing the first 2 days at the BBQ station.
Jonny, in particular, spent 2 days running it.
That didn't stop him from winning his first 2 rounds in singles, including beating a seeded player on Sunday evening.
It was even more exceptional considering the unusual preparation methods he used beforehand (he would know what we are talking about).
The juniors have done very well too on the grass and hard courts at the back.
Arum, Alan, Rebecca and Julian have been very impressive on their debut.
We hope you guys will come in numbers to support the players in the next 2 weeks as we are all having a great time out there.

-DAY 3: The first Monday of this summer's Dulwich LTC Club Championships went off in style, with 11 matches played in the sunshine, fueled by an excellent BBQ delivered by Carolyn, Katya and Isobel! Rarely has coleslaw been delivered with such expertise. The highlight of the evening was a Men's Doubles classic, in which two of our young stars and coaching assistants, Lucas and Miles, battled to a 7-6 6-4 win over doubles specialists Dan and Dom. So pumped was Lucas after winning the first-set tie-break, it looked like he might vault the net, possibly joining his senior coaching colleagues on the injury list! Elsewhere, Ben Rayment won his Singles and then his Mixed Doubles, with the help of the pair's senior partner, Isabel.Oli and Kate progressed in the Mixed, as did Joseph and Olivia, who mastered the art of hitting the big ace on court 2 just when everyone was watching. A good shot at the Club Champs only counts if everyone sees it, remember! 

Young Erik Sternby, a potential future Men's Champ perhaps, sliced his way to victory in the Juniors, with Jamila progressing too thanks to a win over Milly.

No.3 seed Thomas Bruss, Robin Fox, and Chris Smith all won their Men's Singles, too. 

There's a great evening of fixtures set for Tuesday night, with 16 matches scheduled, including both the 1st and 2nd seed in the Men's Singles, Sam and Alex, who'll be on courts 2 and 3. 

The sun will be shining and the food will be great, so come on down!









We will have all categories running, food and drink (the bar will be open by then) and terrific action on the courts.
We look forward to seeing you all competing at the highlight event of the year.
In the ladies and men's singles draws, a plate draw will be created for all those who lose their first rounds so that everybody is guaranteed two matches at least.
All players must be available for those two weeks and players who are not available for the final two day days should not enter the tournament if they think they have a good chance to be involved.
We will limit entries to a maximum of three categories to avoid scheduling issues 



Click here to see some images from the DLTC CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019







  • BOX LEAGUE 2021

Put your skills to test!
Congratulations to the winners of our last box league and big thanks to all players for making our Dulwich LTC Box league a great success! 
The DLTC Box League is a great opportunity for new members to meet people, play on a regular basis with a variety of players in a competitive environment.
We look forward to seeing you all compete in our new box leagues starting on the 1st April.
Singles and doubles will start at the same time. Don't forget to sign up on our link provided in a separate email shortly.




We are happy to invite our junior players to the 1st Junior DLTC Box league! 
This is a great opportunity for young players to enjoy tennis as a competitive sport, get used to tournaments and improve their LTA rating in a healthy and friendly environment.







Since the teenagers are getting involved in box leagues., it is with great pride that we will relaunch our Mini Tennis Festival with the first of them being held on Sunday the 16th of May.
There will be three categories:
- Mini Red (6 to 8 years-old)
- Mini Orange (9 years-old)
- Mini Green (10-11 years-old).

We look forward to seeing you all compete and have fun.







  • BOX LEAGUE 2020

Come and play your fellow friends and members. This is a great competition to tune your game up and get ready for team matches, club championships or simply for fun. Have fun! For more information please click here







February  Tournaments:

  • Grade 5, 14 & U Boys County Tour

On Sunday the 9th February from 10am, we will be hosting another great Grade 5, 14& Under Boys County Tournament. Please sign up as soon as possible as we have just a few places left.

If you want to witness some quality tennis, do come down and watch the youngsters. They are fearless.








October Tournaments:


  • Mini Tennis Festival

Come and join our Mini Tennis Festival on the 13th October  from 10 am.

This tournament is aimed to all kids aged between 6 to 10 years- old. The 8&U and 9&U will start at 10am  while the 10&U will start at 12PM.
Great matches and fun guaranteed! 

Please email Sebastien: to register your interest.




June Tournaments:

  • DLTC Tournament

This will be the big tournament of the year at Dulwich LTC.

Get ready for two weeks of good tennis and great fun.


Matches will be played every day from 7pm onwards and weekends from 9am. Time to get ready to show your skills playing singles and to find  your partner to play doubles and mixed doubles. 


For more information about the tournament or if you would like to get involved as a volunteer please contact Head Coach Sebastien.

CLICK HERE to check all the draws and results.

Good luck for your matches.

May Tournaments:

  • Box League


Next box Leagues from the 1st May - 30th September.

Here are the categories;

- Ladies' singles and doubles

- Mens' singles and doubles

- Mixed doubles


The format is one set matches. Groups will contain up to 8 players or 8 teams with the top two going up a division and the bottom two going down a division.

There will be two seasons per year as for the teams.

Contact Head Coach Sebastien to enter this competition.

April Tournaments:

  • 12&U Boys Grade 5 County Tournament

On the 28th of April, DLTC will receive players from all over the County to participate at the 12&U Boy Grade 5 County Tour Tournament.







March Tournaments:

  • Mini Tennis Tournament

Welcome to our little champions at DLTC!
This tournament is aimed to all kids aged between 6 to 10 years- old. The 8&U and 9&u will start at 12 noon while the 10&U will start at 2PM.
Great fun and matches guaranteed!






  • Adult & Child Tournament


We look forward to our first  Adult & Child tournament of the year on Sunday the 24th of March from 9am.

We hope to have great weather on the day so we can enjoy great matches.
Turn up and support your family and friends!