If you are looking for something fun to do during your Half Term Breaks and Summer  holidays, welcome to our Holiday Tennis Camps! 

At Dulwich Lawn Tennis Club we run structured,  fantastic and fun tennis camps for children as young 3 years-old to advanced level teens.

Players will benefit from an experienced team of LTA qualified coaches with a great coach/players ratio and each camp is specially designed according to  each age group and skills.

Our professional team of LTA coaches make every camp different , fun and a special experience. Every day your little champions will be learning new shots and techniques to improve their tennis game, develop strong physical, tactical and mental skills whilst participating in many games, making new friends and playing competitions.

At our tennis camps your children have the perfect mix of tennis, fun games, healthy competitions, drills and a lot more!

Please find below the tennis camps you would like to join and your right age group.

****Please note that you can book your children for individual days too.                                                                                             

Contact Sebastien to arrange this at sebtenniscoaching@gmail.com



8th July  - 16th August 

Tots  Summer Camps - 9.30AM to 10.30AM (3-5 years-old ): Click here 

Mini  Red Summer  Camps - 11AM to  3PM (6-8 years-old):  Click here

Mini Orange Summer Camps - 11AM to 3PM (9-10 years-old):  Click here

Yellow Teen Summer Camps - 11AM to 3PM (11-18 years-old )Click here

Performance Summer  Camps -9AM to 11AM (11-18 years-old) : Click here




Note for Parents: 

Please ensure children wear appropriate  clothing and  footwear.

Caps and sun cream are important if sunny and waterproof clothes if wet.

Tennis rackets can be borrowed during the day if needed.

CLICK HERE to read our welcome pack for the camps and our policies