Club Management

The club is run by a committee,  led by our Chairman Tony Williams,  the committee meets regularly with the aim of maintaining and improving the Club for its members.

The Club operates within the best practicies and policies of the Clubmark/Tennismark accreditation system.  Links to the Club's policies and procedures can be found in the Clubmark section.

Should you require any information about the running of the club, please email :  [email protected] .  Alternatively, should you require to speak to someone in person, please call/message the club Secretary Steve Vaux on 07745449626 or our Chairman Tony Williams on 07980 844487 both will endevour to get back to you with 24 hours.

We like so many other sports clubs are anxious to minimise Covid infection risks.  Therefore, before considering coming to the club to play;

REMEMBER that if you feel unwell, with any of the Covid-19 symptoms, PLEASE DON’T COME TO THE CLUB, but self-isolate and get tested. Return to play only after you have been diagnosed as being Covid-19 free


Members are asked to continue to minimize use of both our clubhouse and the cricket pavilion, and only one person should enter either building, unless wearing face coverings.  You should linger for as short a time as possible. If more two people need to be in the clubhouse at the same time, please continue to wear face masks and socially distance.

The club provides communal tennis balls for club nights, with new balls being issued every Tuesday.  Please  disinfectant balls before and after playing, and use the spray provided in the clubhouse.  Members should also use hand gel before starting play and after finishing a match or session.  Should you prefer, you can  use your own marked balls and bring your own hand gel and  sanitising spray or wipes to clean your hands and the balls. 

Please  bring your own towel to dry your hands after using the toilets in the cricket pavilion or feel free to use the hand wash or soap and paper toweling provided in the clubhouse.

Nets + Benches:

Nets should be set at the appropriate height, to avoid players having to adjust them. Should you need to adjust the height of the net, you should wipe the winder and the height measures before and after use with sanitizing spray, wipes or >70% alcoholic gel.

Court benches are provided on all courts.  Players are asked to sit on their own towels when using the benches and wipe them down with antiseptic wipes or spray them with antiseptic spray, before or after use, to minimize transmission points.

We hope you approve of the new clubhouse picnic tables.  If you use these tables or the tables and chairs in the clubhouse, these should be sprayed with the sanitizer provided, and wiped down after use.  This is the responsibility of YOU as a member, to ensure that viral transmission risk to you and your friends is minimized.  Remember to continue to take the attitude that you may have Covid-19 and you want to avoid giving it to others!


  • Junior coaching and summer coaching camps are going ahead in line with LTA guidance . 
  • Adult group coaching is similarly arranged along LTA lines.
  • Individual/family coaching can be arranged with Tony on most weekdays  outside the peak playing period of 5.00pm – 8.00pm .

Club Nights

Club sessions for adult members operate at the following times:

TUESDAY  6.00pm - 8.00pm on Courts 1 – 4; then Courts 3 & 4 after 7.30pm

FRIDAY 6.00pm – 8.00 on Courts 3 and 4

Anyone wishing to take part in a club session can advise other members of their plan to attend, via the Club’s WhatsApp group, this should ensure you can always find someone to play with/against.  This also enables us to trace players should anyone develop Covid-19. 

A maximum of 16 people in four groups of four players should attend any session.  This will allow up to 24 players to play on Tuesdays, 16 on Fridays and 8 on Sundays.  Please avoid changing between groups, but feel free to change partners within the group.

Should you develop the disease please let Tony Williams or Steve Vaux know immediately, so that all players in your group at any session can be contacted to self-isolate and seek testing for the virus. 

The WhatsApp group also helps remind others about the opportunity to play, as knowing people are coming down attracts others.  Stronger Junior players will also be able to join these sessions, if agreed in advance by the coaching team.

Outside these times, courts for internal and individual league matches to be played must be booked via the club website.  Please remember however that there are coaching sessions on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, team practices and Veterans matches on Wednesday evenings, and matches on most Saturdays and/or Sunday afternoons.

All members are respectfully reminded to continue to socially distance when on or off court. 

The Seniors Club afternoons on Mondays and Thursdays will continue.


With the days are getting longer members are reminded to only enter the clubhouse to switch the floodlights on (and off), maintaining social distancing at all times.  Ideally only one person should enter the building at a time, or if two people enter, they should both wear face masks.  The code for all gates and the key safe on the garage will initially return to (as per member notification) until end May when the annual change to excluding members who have not paid their annual membership fee, is made.  Members should wash or sanitize their hands and the keys on entering the clubhouse and again before leaving.  Locking up on each occasion.


Players should bring all their own equipment.  Anyone requiring new balls for their own use outside club nights and coaching sessions can purchase them independently or buy them from Tony at £4.50 per tube.  Once used they should not be left at the club

Booking Courts:

Block booking to facilitate coaching, club sessions and matches is now well established.  Courts at other times should be booked on-line via Booking/. Please contact Tony Williams or Steve Vaux, if you need help to book on-line, so that we can help you to do so.

Booking slots are for up to 1½ hours each, and each adult player can book up to twice each week.

Please avoid booking and then failing to turn up, as demand for courts is anticipate to be very high.  If you are forced to cancel, please do so as early as possible via the website.  This allow other members to then use your previous booking slot.

Members may only book one court at a time and may not extend bookings for an individual group beyond 90 minutes.  Continuing to play after your booking period ends is however permissible if no one else has booked.

Juniors wishing to play with other juniors or adults from their household, or under adult family or club coaching supervision, should finish before 6.00pm on weekdays, to ensure there is adequate time for working adults to play in the evenings.  If promising juniors wish to play into the evenings, with stronger adult players they may do so at club sessions after liaising with Tony.

In all cases play should end before the end of each slot to try to avoid you meeting incoming players coming onto your court.


When attending as a parent/guardian numbers must be limited to one adult per junior player, with social distancing strictly observed while watching. Spectators should remain in their cars, or socially distanced on the sports field outside the courts, when cricket, and football is not going on.

Match Play:

Our Summer Box league/Ladder will restart from 2nd December. Courtney Marsden, our tournaments secretary wants to hear from you if you want your name(s) to be added to either the singles or doubles leagues ahead of the next phase of the leagues which start in January

The Berkshire LTA will restarted inter club leagues with effect from 5th April 2021, and our team captains already have guidelines for inter-club tennis activity.  These emphasize social distancing and avoiding indoor contact.  No post-match teas will be provided to visiting teams until further notice. 


REMEMBER - before leaving home & after you return home, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol gel if washing of hands is not possible.

Please take hand sanitizer/sanitizing wipes with you to the courts or use the materials provided by the club.

Please clean all commonly touched surfaces (i.e. padlocks, gates, door handles, handrails etc) on arrival and departure, using sterile wipes, spray or >70% alcohol gel.

Allow others to leave before you enter a court, maintaining social distancing - if you need to wait, then do so away from the courts and clear of the gates.

Please ensure you leave your court before the end of your allotted time so that the space is empty for the next group of players due on that court.


Please bring all your own equipment.

You may now play with communal tennis balls, but they should be sanitized before and after play, left in the clubouse after use, and not taken home. The club is providing gel and spray, and members should contact the Secretary, Steve Vaux should stocks of either run low.

Avoid picking up balls from other courts, simply kick or hit balls back to the court from where they came.

Clean and wipe down your equipment, including racquets and water bottles with wipes or gel before and after use, and spray the balls you have used before leaving them in the clubhouse.

Bring a full water bottle, and do not share food or drink with others.

Only bring the minimum amount of equipment with you that you need to play, ensure you take all your belongings home with you at the end of the session, and do not leave anything on court.


Continue to avoid using public transport to get to the club, and do not share transport with people from another household unless wearing face coverings when travelling to and from the club, or to away matches. 

Arrive changed and ready to play, and do not congregate before or after playing, thereby minimizing extra-curricular or social activity before or after play.


Stay at least two metres away from other members/players at all times.  This should include your partner when playing doubles, and when taking breaks, before, during and after play. 

Do not make physical contact with other players (such as shaking hands or high fives).  Stay on your side of the court and change ends at opposite ends of the net from your opponent(s).  Avoid chasing the ball down to an adjacent court if other players are using it.  If you return balls to an adjacent court please don’t handle it but pick it up and hit or pass it to your neighbour with your racket.  If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or into your upper sleeve, and avoid touching your face.


Remember that if you feel unwell with any Covid-19 symptoms, or you have been in contact with someone diagnosed with Covid 19 YOU MUST AVOID ALL SOCIAL CONTACT AND NOT COME TO THE CLUB, but self- isolate and get tested.

Return to visiting the club and playing only after you have been diagnosed as being Covid-19 free, or you have self-isolated for ten days.