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Captain's Blog - Star Date 29th January 2019

Hi All

Monday and Thursday Nights continue to attract c15-17 but with first to 6 games and sudden death duces and some wanting to get into a warmer clubhouse and a hot drink, it all seems to be well supported and working well thanks to Andrew. Official start time for these sessions used to be 6.30pm but is now 5.30pm with at least half a dozen or so wanting to get on court first at 5pm sharp now...even a bit of daylight at that time. We have entered a club record of 6 teams for the summer leagues including 3 Mens weekend fixture teams and the Ladies team and now added to those we are entered in the Mixed Vets 40/45 (Sarah Gook - Captain) mid-week league and for the first time the Mens 60+ (Mark Ponton - Captain) mid-week league (surely he can't be over 60 I hear you say). Don't worry about court availability though as strangely half the matches are away and we play mid-week on Tuesday evenings usually with 2 courts in use for matches. The on-line court booking system will show matches being played. To help members we are about to fit an outside notice board showing matches and contacts etc, a shoe sand brush and I can hear the cheers now for a handle for the clubhouse side door!



Captain's Blog - Star Date 18th January 2019

Hi Everyone

And a belated best wishes for 2019. Monday & Thursday Nights are very well attended despite some low temperatures (minus one last night on court, the courts with the rain the day before were beginning to set like concrete a bit) but still playable with the odd skid. At least one in shorts last night!  Lady's Man Steve is still not venturing out this side of Christmas as he prefers to sit in his inglenook with glowing embers and warm toddy although if he kept his driving gloves on I'm sure it will help on court. The Committee met on Wednesday Night and sanctioned another drag net (so there be absolutely no excuse for not dragging the courts although quite pointless last night due to the crusty top) as well as another line brush tool. We usually have a work party day once the weather gets warmer in the spring so if you are able to spend up to half a day helping armed with marigolds giving everything a springclean, it will be very much appreciated. Watch for a weekend date and list of jobs so that you can choose what you would like to do in advance! We also decided to enter a third Mens team this summer which is another first for the club not so many years after entering a second team. By the way, you haven't heard it from me but the other thing not going up with Brexit apart from petrol at the moment is the annual renewal fee! The usual discount will apply by renewing by 31st March too....more to follow. We are advised that the barrier is due to be repaired on Wednesday so we'll wait to see and the code will be 1902 (Adrian (Retro Man)  will be able to tell you who won the Wimbledon Mens Singles that year even though the Centre Court was built in the 1920's if my memory serves me correctly)....another theme for the quiz Andrew (The Wall)! Look forward to seeing you on court.





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