Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities do you have?

Our club has three floodlit hard courts and a clubhouse with changing rooms, toilets and a small kitchen. 

How are you run?

We are  LTA affiliated club, which is  run by a committee made up of volunteers. An Annual General Meeting in March elects the committee.

How is the club funded?

Most of our revenue comes from member subscriptions. The level of subscriptions is set each year by the committee. 

When does the membership year run from and to?

Our membership year starts on May 1st and runs to April 30.

Can I join part way through the year?

Yes. You can join at any point in the year and we offer discounts depending on the time of application. We usually offer 50% reduction for joining after 1st October and for new members  joining after the 1st January, you will pay the full subscription but this will include the following membership year, so up to 16 months membership for the price of 12.

How do I join?

We have an online system for joining and renewing membership with online payments. Simply go to the How to Join page and select the relevant option. It’s also possible to join by sending a paper form with a cheque through the post to the membership secretary.  Get in contact if you would like us to send you a form.

How do I gain access to the courts and clubhouse?

There is an entrance gate which can be opened by using the buttons to input a code. We email the code to the members when they join and keep them updated of any changes.

You will need a key to open the clubhouse door.  Members can get a key on request along with a deposit of £12.50. Either select the key option on the How to Join page or contact the club secretary. The lock has a latch on the inside so make sure that you don't lock yourself out or leave the door unlocked when you leave. 

Is there anywhere to park?

There is a public car park near the courts in Memorial Park. It is free to use but it can get busy when there are other sporting events taking place.

All members and visitors should not park, pick up or load in front of, or to the side of, the Scout Group building which is private. 

Do I have to pay to use the courts?

The courts are free to members and this includes the use of the floodlights.

They can get busy so it is always worth booking online before you come down if you want to make sure of a court. You can also use this page to see if there are pre-arranged coaching, social sessions, or matches.

What are Social Sessions?

We allocate four sessions a week to social sessions where members can just turn up, mix in and play with lots of other members.

When are the social sessions?

They are run all year round, during the day on Monday (10-1pm) and Friday (10-1pm) and in the evenings on Monday (from 6.30pm) and  Tuesday (from 7pm).

Do I have to be a certain standard to play in the social sessions?

No, we normally play doubles tennis with players of all abilities.  The majority being casual players, especially during the daytime. 

Are there any differences in the social sessions?

They all operate in roughly the same way.

The daytime sessions tend to cater more for the non-competitive players while the evening sessions attract more of the match players.

Does the club provide balls or do I have to use my own?

The club provides balls only for use during social sessions. At all other times, you will need to bring your own balls for play. There is a tennis ball policy at the club.

Can I arrange coaching?

Yes, our coaching is provided by our partners On the Ball.

During term time there are regular group lessons for juniors and adults. Individual coaching can also be arranged.

For further information about the programmes or coaches go to the coaching page.

What matchplay opportunities are there?

We run teams for men’s, ladies and mixed teams against other clubs.

Each team consists of 3 doubles pairs and the matches take about 3 hours to complete. Our home matches are mainly on Thursday evenings or Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Can I play in matches?

If anyone is interested in playing match tennis, please let a team captain know.

Do you have to pay for the use of court lights?

No, they are free to use for all members. The flood lights operate by keys - ask another member to show you where the keys are kept and how the lights operate. If they have been switched off, please wait for about 10 minutes before trying to switch them on again.

How do I find out what is going on?

We email members (that have opted in to receive information when joining) to let them know about the latest news.

Alternatively you can check on our website News and Events section on a regular basis.

How do I get in touch with someone at the club?

Simply go to our contacts page and select the relevant option.

How do you ensure the safety and wellbeing of members?

We have adopted policies to protect members. They can be seen within our Policy section of the website.

Can I just pay and play?

Yes, the club makes available one 'pay and play' court at certain times during the week and these can be booked through Southwell Leisure Centre. The times that this is availabe are: Monday 2-5pm; Tuesday 2-5pm; Thursday 2-5pm; Friday 2-5pm; Saturday 5-7pm.

Has the pandemic stopped play?

At the moment the courts are closed and we are awaiting guidance after the end of the current lockdown on Wednesday December 2. We were able to play before lockdown was imposed and the club carried out a full risk assessment and put in place measures to keep members safe. Please keep checking the website for the latest news.

How do you ensure safety of members?

We are an LTA accredited club and have adopted a number of policies to protect members, including Safeguarding, Diversity and Inclusion, Whistleblowing and Privacy.