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FAQs about coaching

Q: What does red, orange or yellow mean?

A: These describe the ball colour your child will be playing with on the course. Ball colours are associated with age brackets, for example, 4-7 years olds will play with a red ball which is a lighter ball compared to a 9-11 year old playing with a yellow ball. 


Q: What is the difference between LTA Youth Start and LTA Youth?

A: If you book onto LTA Youth Start your child will receive a tennis racket, a set of balls, a branded t-shirt and a pair of wristbands. The LTA Youth is a follow on course from the LTA Youth Start. You can book your child onto either course as long as they're the right age for the course. 


Q: Can I recieve a discount if I book onto any course later than the start date?

A: Yes you can - when you book onto the course it should automatically decrease the price, except for LTA Youth Start as that price is set by the LTA. If you'd like to book onto an LTA Youth Start course later than the start date, you can get in touch with the team. 


Q: If I haven't played tennis in a long time, what's the best adult course for me?

A: If you've played tennis before but feel rusty, you can book yourself onto the Beginner course to refresh the basics or you can book onto the Improver course which is the next level up. 


Q: What is the difference between the Improver and Intermediate sessions?

A: The Improver sessions will focus on helping players rally and serve more confidently whilst also introducing how to score. The Intermdiate sessions will help players develop their own game style and players at this level should know how to serve and score in tennis. 


Q: What equipment do I bring to sessions?

A: If you have a racket you can bring it along but coaches can provide rackets at sessions. Please wear appropriate footwear to run around in and a water bottle.