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Early Birds extension / Club Night News / Datchworth League is 50!

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Early Birds Memberships have been extended for 7 days to 12th April; Club Nights start on Thursday 11th April at 6pm; Datchworth Leagues hit 50 years old! 


Early Birds Memberships 

We've extended early bird membershios for 7 days to 12th April so you have a little extra time to get your membership submitted online and paid before all the memberships go to FULL Price. This is a hard deadline. After the 12th you will need to pay full price, this will also ensure that you are also eligable for the Datchworth League, which is starting Monday 22nd April (Easter Monday). 


Club Nights 

Club Nights start on Thursday 11th April, 6pm, we had a sneaky one last Thursday with Chris, Jean and Sue turning up for knock about... but we officially kick them off for the season NEXT WEEK (11th April), and to finish off the evening with a bang, we're going to draw the allocated Wimbledon Tickets (4 pairs this year), to win it you would need to be an LTA member, associated to St Pauls Walden Tennis Club, and opted in... Sue our co-ordinator would have emailed earlier this year with a reminder... 


Finally.... Datchworth League is 50 Years young.... here's a message from Rupert..

As a celebration of 50 years of the Datchworth League, the committee has decided to hold a special one-day tournament this summer.

We are delighted to invite your club to participate in this event, to be held at Welwyn Tennis Club, on Sunday 23rd June 2019. This is an all-day tournament, which like our League will be both competitive and friendly.

Each Datchworth club is invited to enter a mixed pair to complete in a Handicap Tournament which will be played for both a Main Event trophy and a Plate trophy. There is no entry fee and all trophies, balls etc are provided for by the League.

The competition rules are simple:

Each match will be seven games, normal tennis rules.

But the trailing team in any match will be awarded handicap points for the next game, equivalent to the current difference in games between the two sides.

So, if Team A is winning 1-0 in games, Team B starts game 2 at 15-0 up. If Team A is leading by 3-0, Team B starts game 4 at 40-0 up. And so on. You will soon get the hang of it! Most matches end up around 4-3 final score.

The morning play, where clubs will be put into pools, will start at 9.45am (after tea and coffee being provided by Welwyn Tennis from 9.15 onwards). The afternoon session will begin after a barbecue lunch (very reasonable prices!) and will consist of the Main Event and Plate Event Quarter Finals and so on. It is anticipated that trophies will be presented after the finals have finished about 5pm. The good news is that the bar will be open from 11am onwards! Fine weather has been booked.......


Hopefully that all makes sense, it's a handicapped tournament, so all teams have a chance to progress... We're going to use an early tournament this year to determine who we put forward, so with the Spring tournament coming up, you'll really want to play!

That's all for now... speak soon

St Pauls Walden Tennis Committee