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2019/20 Early Bird Discount Extended to Monday 12th April 2019

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GREAT NEWS!!! you've got an extra week to ensure that you take advantage of the earlybird discounts for your 2019/20 membership of St Pauls Walden Tennis Club... but it ends on midnight 12th April 2019.

So sign in, sign up and you're good to go!


Other News....

Pre-season Clubnight....

with the bright weather yesterday the chairman messaged our Clubnight Whatsapp group for a pre-season clubnight... a few games were had before the lights went down... 

Official Clubnights starting soon for the season! If you want to be on the Whatsapp group, you'll need to give us your Name, Mobile Number and we'll LOOP YOU IN!. It's a great way to  let people know you'll be turning up and rally the tennis troops to action!

Security of the Courts! 

It's come to the attention of the committee that one of the padlocks on the double court has been left open... PLEASE can you ensure that the padlock is closed and that the barrel numbers are not left with the "UNLOCK" code on them. 

We put these locks on to stop non members using the court for other reasons than tennis! Cleaning the courts is an expensive job... so please bear that in mind...