Men's Draycott C Vs Stone D Epic Battle

Well done Peter Harrison on your team's win this Saturday 27th.

I have heard through the grapevine from various people and was the talk at our Sunday tennis match from Jim O’Neil who was watching the play unfold at Draycott, who spoke highly of the great battle that took place between Draycott C and Stone D Men’s Teams on Saturday 27th April 2024, coming away with a 0-4 win that was some much deserved.

The Stone D Team being Lee, Harri, Andy and Freddie, and they all had a fantastic game, both pairs winning their games, resulting in this epic over 4-hour long battle to win 0-4 against a tough opponent.


I wish to congratulate Freddie Williams on him playing his debut appearance for Stone Men’s D Team vs Draycott C Team, partnering up with Andy Cawthorne, his uncle. At the young age of only 15, he played so well in the men’s team and , and  I understand that he played outside his skin and held his nerve until the end with a much deserved outcome.

The first set being 1-1 and taking to a Championship Tiebreak and winning, followed by a 0-2 win.


What an inspiration and encouragement to other juniors out there!


Paul Baldwin (SLTC President)