We Coach Tennis

We Coach Tennis are the experienced coaching team for Stone Lawn Tennis & Squash Club and offer a wide range of sessions to accommodate all ages and abilities. 

We believe that learning should be fun and engaging, so our coaching programme is designed to be interactive and enjoyable. We use a wide variety of teaching methods and techniques to keep you motivated and excited about your progress.

To attend, you just need to have an active "coaching subscription membership" then turn up weekly to the session as agreed with the coach.

If a player is unable to make one of the sessions, or should a session be cancelled for any reason, players are able to attend a different session that week of the same age category to cover their missed session. 

The programme runs for 44 weeks of the year but you only pay for 40 sessions (2 week break in Easter & Christmas, 4 week break in August). This allows up to 4 sessions to be cancelled with bad weather. If we get good weather all year, then players will receive a bonus 4 sessions. Should we have to cancel more than 4 sessions, then an extra session will be added or credit towards one of our holiday camps will be given.


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Please check out our weekly schedule for what sessions are available for you to attend in your age group.


Weekly Coaching Schedule


  • Youth Orange (8-10 years old) 4-5pm 
  • Girls Only (7+) 5-6pm 


  • Youth Orange (8-10 years old) 4-5pm 
  • Youth Green (10-12 years old) 5-6pm
  • Youth Yellow (12+ years old) 6-7pm


  • Youth Red (5-7 years old) 9-10am
  • Youth Orange (8-10 years old) 10-11am
  • Youth Green/Yellow (10+ years old) 11-12pm



  • Walking Tennis 
  • LTA Tournaments 
  • Tennis Leaders 
  • More Youth Group Sessions

For more information on tennis coaching at Stone Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, please email info@wecoachtennis.co.uk  or  contact our Head Coaches: Will Toft 07714 780264 or Tim Bryant 07818 023317