Light Token Machines

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Over the years the light token machines have been upgraded, timings altered, repaired, etc.
We have recently seen tokens jammed for tennis court lighting, and on inspection of the issue, it turned out that 6 tokens were being sequentially entered for a 2 hour period of lighting.
When investigated, it came to light that a maximum of 5 tokens can be entered, and a 6th token jammed the mechanism, the result being that lights either remained on indefinitely or failed to come on, until tokens were removed to clear the jam.
We have now sought to rectify this by altering the times to 4 tokens for a 2 hour period, and raised the token cost from £1/token to £1.50/token, i.e. no increase in cost for tennis lights.
However, squash court light token machines have not been altered, so they will see an increase in cost, from £2/hour, back to the original cost of £3/hour. This is in light of rising energy costs for gas, used for the overhead heating.