Swansea Tennis Academy


To create a leading talent development system, using a blend of coaching, science and care, to help grow the next generation of Welsh players.


The RPDC & LPDC will be regarded as the most productive Academy in Wales; with a constant stream of well-developed athletes augmenting County, Regional and National squads on an annual basis. The Academy will be viewed as one of the best environments in the UK for tennis development that enables players to move onto the next stage of the player pathway.


To make every player and staff member the best person they can be.The Academy aims to provide an environment with the ultimate goal of developing players through to County, Regional and National Squads. Swansea is a Centre with a proud history, we aim to instil the four values of the Academy at all levels: HONESTY, DISCIPLINE, WORK RATE, HUMILITY.

The Academy aims to create a positive environment, where player decision-making is encouraged. We aim for all players, at every stage of the programme to engage and train in a supportive setting, created by staff. Where each player has a clear development plan for improvement. We believe that players need to develop into well rounded people. The academy aims to support a player through their tennis, personal and education career – those who succeed in their schooling, progress with their tennis.


The Academy exists to continually identify, develop, recruit and retain tennis players for a successful Swansea team, that annually competes for County, Regional and National squad places. In order to do this, we recruit and develop, the best talent development expertise across all departments, such as coaching, S&C and psychological.  There are five main strands to the work delivered:

Identifying the most talented young athletes across South Wales

Developing players and staff into well rounded individuals using the Swansea core values

Providing appropriate progression and exit routes for all

Upholding strong working relationships with all stakeholders

Promoting professionalism to develop tennis across the South West region