Junior Group Coaching

The basis of our lessons´s success is putting into practice, through appropriate exercises, a style of tennis based on acceleration, attack and defence, balance and footwork. This way, players learn to automatise movements, develop a solid, organised style of play, learn to choose and successfully manage their emotions and relationships on and off court.

At Tennis Come True we teach more than just tennis. We consider tennis a nearly perfect sport to teach players the many life lessons that are so important for all champions to learn. Values such as hard work, passion, friendship,  and integrity, amongst others, are the pillars of everything we do in a tennis court. 

More than 5000 players tried already!


Junior Coaching Plan

For your convinience we have addapted our coaching price into comfortable monthly payments

  • Each course is designed to cater for players of a similar standard and playing experience.
  • You can join any group coaching at any time, just booking from the start dates shown bellow.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time - minimum 1 month in advance notice.
  • In case the course you want to book is full please leave your details in the Waiting List.
  • Please ensure you read the relevant Coaching Policy in full.
  • All equipment is provided.