Booking Terms Of Use

Tennis In Lambeth

Terms of use

These terms of use apply to the hire of tennis courts at Archbishops Park, Brockwell Park, Clapham Common, Hillside Gardens Park, Kennington Park, Larkhall Park, Ruskin Park, Streatham Common and Vauxhall Park.

By making a booking to hire a court, you are agreeing to abide by these terms of use.


Pay and Play

  • Pay and Play is charged at £7.50 or £11.50 per hour, per court respectively. 


Bookings, Cancellations & Weather

  • You must book a court online before you play
  • Cancellations must be made not less than two hours before the start of the booked court slot. Cancellations made less than two hours before the start of the booked slot will not be entitled to a refund, even for adverse weather. If a player has tried to cancel the court via Clubspark, but there is an issue with the system not showing the booking, evidence of this should be provided and sent to
  • The hirer can book one slot, up to a maximum of 2 hours of tennis per day
  • Bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance, with new slot availability for the following week to go live at 8pm each day
  • We have the right to cancel bookings at our discretion. An email will be sent to the hirer notifying them in advance of their booking.
  • We reserve the right to pre-book the courts for coaching, events and maintenance


Court rules

  1. Courts must not be used for any other purpose than that of the booking being made e.g. sporting activities, they must not be used for unlawful activity and should only be used within the times that are booked.
  2. All bookings are non-transferrable and must not be sub-let to third parties. Any instances of unauthorised usage or subletting may result in future bookings being cancelled.
  3. Hirers agree to abide by the Lambeth Parks Byelaws as displayed online here: Rules and regulations | Lambeth Council and any relevant acts of parliament/applicable legislation. 
  4. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that their participants are aware of the rules of use for a facility before activities begin.
  5. Hirers are required to:
  1. Ensure that any exits must not be obstructed for fire regulations or obstruct other park users.
  2. Flammable materials and naked flames are not to be used on site.
  3. Appropriate adult supervision will be provided where participants involve children.
  4. Hold appropriate safeguarding training and or qualifications for the applicable activity
  5. Cooperate with and follow instructions as directly by council staff or its nominated representatives.
  6. Vacate the court by your allotted finish time.
  7. No smoking in buildings or enclosed/fenced facilities.
  8. No animals (other than assistance dogs) will be permitted within buildings or enclosed/fenced facilities.
  9. All litter that is generated by participants will be disposed of in waste bins or removed from site completely if they are full. Failure to comply may result in costs being charged for its remove and if repeated may result in future bookings being cancelled and refused.
  10. No trespassing onto private adjoining property to retrieve balls or any other reason. Courteous contact may be owner/occupier by the front entrance to request return of balls should the owner permit.
  11. Parking of vehicles for hirers, participants or spectators is not permitted in any Lambeth park or open spaces unless a designated public car park exists.
  12. No public address or amplified equipment is to be used unless prior written consent is granted in advance by the council.
  13. The hirer and participants shall indemnify the council against all actions/claims, demands and costs in respect to injury to a person/property arising out of or incidental to the hire and use of our pitches and facilities.
  14. Event bookings may be subject to additional licensing requirements and charges. Hirers are responsible for ensuring they adhere to any licensing requirements.



  1. Only tennis coaches holding a licence and that block book courts through Lambeth Council are permitted to coach on the parks tennis courts. Any tennis coaches that are found coaching on courts without a valid licence and other required pre-requisites will have their bookings cancelled and the LTA will be informed.
  2. Assistant Coaches are not permitted to book courts for coaching purposes without written consent from Lambeth Council
  3. Coaches have to abide by the terms of their own licence arrangements and booking procedures


Right to play

  • The hirer must book a court online before playing and it is your responsibility to look after your booking pin number issued. We will not be able to issue a new pin at short notice
  • If someone is playing on the court when you arrive, use your booking confirmation as proof or use another court if available. If both show adequate proof, the name listed on the live booking sheet will be final.

If you breach any of our guidance or terms, we reserve the right to cancel bookings without refund.


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