Transforming British Tennis Together

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The funding aims to address some of the key barriers to playing tennis, such as poor weather, dark evenings and old, analogue booking systems by focusing on:

  • Doubling the number of covered and floodlit courts to increase available playing hours
  • Installing online booking and entry systems so everyone can book a court 
  • Refurbish courts, clubhouses and other social spaces;
  • Support other innovative and creative ideas that meet local demand
  • This community-led, partnership approach builds on the work we’ve been delivering in ten pilot towns and cities across Britain over the last ten years.

This funding has the potential to revolutionise tennis in Birmingham and the surrounding areas by enabling more people to play tennis more often.

Success is rooted in partnerships, and that’s why we want organisations and individuals who are passionate about tennis to come forward and apply for this funding. The investment will help to build covered courts, to erect floodlights and to bring communities together through new cafes and better facilities

There is real momentum behind British Tennis and in Birmingham, we have an ambitious approach to grow the game and make it more accessible and modernised than ever before.

If you would like to hear more about this opportunity please sign up to attend on of the upcoming roadshow evenst: