Competitions / Cystadlaethau

Enjoying tennis is about so much more than just attending coaching sessions - and we provide a wide range of entry-level events and more formal competitions throughout the year for both our members and the wider tennis community to support our Competition Pathway.


These are internal members only competitions (ungraded) which we run in partnership with our member clubs and communicate internally. Activities include:

  • Match Weeks: for those in our club coaching programmes , we hold a Match Week at the end of each term which is included in your coaching fee. This fun team-based format helps you to learn the rules & develop your skills from coaching. 
  • Festivals: these run in the school holidays and provide an opportunity for players to develop their skills in an informal team environment against others from the club / within our Tennis Squad network. 
  • Club Tournaments: various internal club events are run by clubs throughout the year based on the size and demands of the membership. You need to be a club member to access these. 

OPEN Events

These are competitions which are open for anyone to play in! 

  • Matchplay (Grade 6): Players can develop their skills further in our Matchplay sessions. You'll get lots of quick-fire singles & doubles matches against others of a similar age and rating (level) and won't be hanging around (2-3 hours max)! Events are in round-robin format to give everyone an equal number of matches. 
  • Local Tour (Grade 5) > County Tour (Grade 4) > Regional Tour (Grade 3): More experienced competitors may enter events from Local Tour (Grade 5) > County Tour (Grade 4) > Regional Tour (Grade 3) > National Tour (Grade 2). UK rankings points can be gained in these events, based on the grade of the tournament, the age group and your final placing.

Details of upcoming open events by Tennis Squad are listed via the link below. 

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