Our team in North Wales

North Wales Management Committee

The North Wales County Management Committee is drawn from tennis clubs in all areas of North Wales. The purpose of the committee is to promote the game of tennis, to help organise and manage competitive play, to aid the development of places where tennis is played, to manage respresentative play, to work with and through the LTA via Tennis Wales, to assist in communicating areas of interest to the clubs, schools and other centres where tennis is played.

Some specific examples of this could be support with the ever popular ClubSpark website, Administration, Grant Applications, Tournaments and League Tennis.   

The current Committee Members are:

  • Pam Alford (Ruthin)
  • Vicki Broadbent (Wrexham Tennis Centre)
  • Pat Hill (Wrexham Centre)
  • Martyn Lewis (JAB)
  • Rob Whitehall-Lewis (JAB)
  • Lucy Scott (Wrexham)
  • Jenny Broughall (Wrexham Tennis Centre)
  • Georgina Hawkey (Wrexham Tennis Centre)
  • Linda Sawyer (Wrexham Tennis Centre & LTC)
  • Tcherina Vaughan-Griffiths (Wrexham Tennis Centre)

The committee meets regularly and has an Annual Open Meeting each Autumn which all club members in North Wales can attend. 
The next North Wales Annual Open Meeting is to be held on Thursday 12th November 2020, at 7.00pm at Wrexham Tennis Centre. 

AOM Agenda 2019


Skill Requirements for Members of the County Committees