Test Valley Parks Tennis

Important Information

PLEASE NOTE – you must type in the * (Asterix) before the numbers in the code for the gate. The code will not work otherwise. The gate will only open at the time of booking so please do not attempt to access the court at times other than your booking time.


Test Valley Borough Council and the LTA have worked in partnership to renovate the tennis courts in the Test Valley area.  The tennis courts at Vigo Park, Andover and War Memorial Park, Romsey have recently been renovated with an investment of £37,000 helping to modernise the courts and online booking system!

The project is part of a nationwide investment by the UK Government and LTA Tennis Foundation, delivered by the LTA, to refurbish public tennis courts across Great Britain, and open up the sport to many more people. Click here for more information

The courts at Vigo Recreation Ground, Andover and War Park Memorial, Romsey have been recently updated with smart gates.  Once the courts have been booked via the new online booking system, the user will be provided with a unique access code. Booking the courts is still free, all you need to do is scan the QR code.

So book a court, pick up a racket and get involved in tennis.

Our courts:

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Where you can find us

Here are the Test Valley Parks Tennis locations. To visit, select a location.

  1. Picket Piece Tennis Court

    Locksbridge Road, Picket Piece, Andover, Hampshire & Isle of Wight, SP11 6WL

  2. Picket Twenty Sports Ground Tennis Court

    Telegraph Road, Andover, Hampshire & Isle of Wight, SP11 6UF

  3. Romsey War Memorial Park Tennis Courts

    The Meads, Romsey, Hampshire & Isle of Wight, SO51 8HB

  4. Vigo Recreation Ground

    Recreation Rd, Andover, Hampshire & Isle of Wight, SP10 1HL