Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

Please read and follow the guidelines for players  for safe play during COVID19 lockdown on the LTA website.  Do not play if you have symptoms or vulnerable people in your household.  The club has followed the LTA recommendations for safe play, please adhere to these rules.

There are no Floodlights available for Pay to Play - non members please only book courts during daylight hours. 


CANCEL COURTS YOU HAVE BOOKED AND THEN FIND YOU CAN’T USE. This applies up to the time you have booked and the committee are monitoring courts to ensure members are adhering to this rule.

DO NOT leave gaps of less than 1 hour between bookings. Half hour and forty five minute gaps create time that is dead as members  don't normally book less then an hour.

Consider the ACTUAL time you will need a court for and avoid booking for longer than you need.

The following rules may be applied by the court administrator when all courts are fully booked to allow fairness to all members trying to book during these times.

  1. Members can only book one court under their name at the same time unless authorised by the administrator. Examples for exemption to this rule are team captains and social tennis organisers.
  2. Parent child bookings are limited to a maximum of 1 hour duration as this membership is for junior beginners who are unable to play without the assistance of an adult. If more than 1 hour is required then alternative membership type should be considered.
  3. No consecutive courts can be booked by the same person.