Thanks for visiting our website, as you can see we are a small club but very welcoming. We have no flashy clubhouse or bar – just a bunch of people who are dedicated to enjoying tennis. We cater for all standards of play as can be seen from our membership details.

Welcome to our club – we hope you enjoy your time with us and to help you through the process this is a guide to what the club can offer.

Adult memberships:

We are a friendly open club, with four membership options for you to choose from. 

(We offer potential new members the opportunity to play with us on three occasions before you need to join and pay an annual fee, Pro rata if applicable)

We have four Tiers of membership depending on your experience and how often you are able to play. For students and those aged 18-23 please see details before the section on Club Sessions.

The starter tier is Tier Four  which is appropriate for beginners and those who want to have coaching or may not have time to play other than during coaching sessions. 

  • Access to coaching sessions at members' rates
  • Access to club events.
  • Beginners and daytime time coaching sessions available.

NB There is no access to courts outside your coaching times and you are not eligble for club matches

Tier Three  is aimed at beginners and social players who do not want access to club sessions

  • Daytime coaching sessions at discounted member rate
  • Club Spark system to book courts and play anytime the courts are free and available during the week.
  • Access to Club events
  • No eligibility for club matches unless with prior approval of the Committee

Our Tier Two membership is for standard and social club players - not beginners. Tier Two is the one to join if you are new to the club but have played a fair amount of tennis at club level. (This is a springboard for the top level at our club – Tier One)

  • Club sessions on Wednesday evenings from 6.30pm and Sundays from 2pm
  • You can also join in with an all in club session on the last Saturday afternoon of the month
  • Club Spark system to book courts and play anytime the courts are free and available.
  • Access to Club events and coaching at discounted rates
  • Eligible for match play within our teams in the Dorset league.


The final level is Tier One: Good and advanced Club Match standard players. 

There is a playing in standard for Tier One and you can arrange to play with members or a coach who can advise you further on this.  We recommend new players joining as Tier Two initially, to get a feel of the club standards then ask a member of the coaching staff or a committee member if you wish to move on to Tier One.  

  • Club sessions on Saturday afternoons from 1pm, Monday and Thursday evenings from 6pm.
  •  Club Spark system to book courts and play anytime the courts are free and available.
  • Access to Club events and coaching at discounted rates
  • You are eligible to play in the club's teams in the Dorset league and must join this tier if you wish to play first team matches for the club.

If you already have played club matches for another club or have a higher rating, then please contact the Club Secretary or one of our coaches to arrange to play in to this section.

Students and those aged 18-23years. We offer two separate options, dependent on whether you wish to play in club sessions or not.

1. If you are of a standard to play in a club session - relevant sessions appropriate to your playing standard, then there is a monthly fee of £10 per month which enables you to join in club sessions and play for club teams . You can pay just for the number of months you are here.

2. If you just wish to come along and play with another member outside club sessions when courts are available then the monthly fee is £5.00 per month and you just pay for the number of months you are here.

Club Sessions are set on days as stated above for each group and are mostly doubles play (balls are provided and floodlights included in Winter), members in Tiers 1-3 may book courts via Clubspark and play when courts are vacant, however, matches do take precedence. A list of matches  for Adults is on the noticeboard and on the website. Ladder Play guidelines for Club here Ladder Play

There is also a Court Allocation chart - click here Court Allocation  showing when courts are available for booking via ClubSpark.

Match Play opportunities:

The club runs a number of teams of differing standards, so there is an option for everyone. Please contact Steve Davies – Match Secretary on 07932 654485, if you wish to play in a team.

Group Coaching options:

 Saturday Session: A session commencing 9.00am till 10.30 am every Saturday – a varied fun coach led session for all players.  Pay as you go  for this session, no booking needed just come and play. Non -member supplement applies.

Gary’s Thursday Session: A session held by our Head Coach. Let him put you through your paces!  Pay as you go session again 10.30 am 12.00 noon. Non -member supplement applies.

Toop's Tennis Coaching operate at the club and can offer one to one or group coaching: Details from any of our talented coaches.  Contact Gary Toop on 07885 680422 for more information

Cardio Tennis: A chance to combine getting fit and playing tennis. Currently on Wednesday evenings from 6.70 till 7.30pm. Sunday session restarting soon. 

Juniors : We have a thriving Junior and Mini Tennis section of the club, for more information- contact  Toop's Tennis Coaching via Gary as above or use the link under Coaching to go to their website.

They also run holiday courses and performance camps- contact them for full details.

The Club runs occasional Social and Tennis events throughout the year and all members are welcome. 

Referral scheme - if you are an existing member, and introduce a new player to the club, then you will receive 20% of their first membershp fee as a thank you from the club. (paid at the end of new members first full year) Note this applies to new members only, or those who have not been with the club in the past 2 years. When filling in the application, your name must be quoted by them.  Ask your friends or colleagues and get them to come down and try the club out.

For further information contact Club Secretary – Sue Williams on Bournemouth 01202 520965 / 07985 953682 .                                        

Sue Williams :Contact Number 07985 953682


The club has a safeguarding (inc anti bullying) and diversity policy. see under 'About the Club'


Membership package Cost Join
1 -Adult Tier One 2019/20
01/04/2019 - 31/03/2020
Appropriate for good and advanced players
Eligibility: For Good and advanced players, playing standard to be agreed for new members.
in full or
a month for 9 months
Join now
2 - Adult Tier Two 2019/20
01/04/2019 - 31/03/2020
Tier 2 for standard club players
Eligibility: Any standard club player, not suitable for beginners
in full or
a month for 9 months
Join now
3 -Adult Tier Three 2019/20
01/04/2019 - 31/03/2020
Appropriate for Social playing members and means that members can access all coaching courses at member rates and do not have to pay a non member fee (£3.00 per session)
Eligibility: Adults looking for social tennis with other members outside Tier 1 and 2 club sessions
in full or
a month for 9 months
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4 - Adult Tier Four 2019/20
01/04/2019 - 31/03/2020
Tier 4 no club sessions included
Eligibility: Beginners
in full or
a month for 9 months
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4 -Students and under 23's inc Club sessions
01/04/2019 - 31/03/2020
Student or adult aged 18-23....annual payment is a guideline, as is a monthly fee of £10.00 per month for duration of membership
Eligibility: any student in full time education or adult aged 18 to 23 years
in full or
a month for 9 months
Join now
5- Family 2019/20
01/05/2019 - 30/04/2020
Family membership for those with children under 10
Eligibility: Families with children under 10
in full
Join now
5- Juniors 2019/20
01/05/2019 - 30/04/2020
Junior Membership is for children age 10 to 18 years
Eligibility: Children aged 10-18 years
in full or
a month for 12 months
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5 -Mini Tennis (up to Age 10) 2019/20
01/05/2019 - 30/04/2020
All Mini Tennis players age up to 10
Eligibility: Children up to age of 10
in full
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9 Junior Parent 2019/20
01/05/2019 - 30/04/2020
Available for parents of Junior members
Eligibility: Any parent of a Junior member
in full
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