Player Code of Conduct

Please read this document to your young person at the start of a term to reiterate the importance of good behaviour and respect for both peers and coaches.

We are an inclusive coaching programme and are passionate about players safety and enjoyment when participating in our coaching sessions. We will not permit behaviour that prevents this. 

Our coaches have a code of conduct, and in turn we expect all players involved in our tennis programme to respect the player code of conduct.


  • Players will arrive on time with all the necessary kit ready to train
  • Players will be collected on time by their parents unless the lead coach is given permission, in writing, that they are allowed to walk home
  • Players/parents will let the coaches know about any injuries/medical and additional needs
  • Players will ALWAYS try their best
  • Players will participate cooperatively in pair or small group activities to the best of their ability 
  • Players will listen to instructions 
  • Players will collect and pick up tennis balls properly and safely and NOT hit tennis balls recklessly 
  • Players will use equipment safely sensitive to the fact that there are other players on the court
  • Players will respect their peers and treat everyone equally
  • Players will look after equipment including rackets that are borrowed from us 
  • Players will encourage others in the group and not comment on other players
  • Players will accept winning and losing and show good sportsmanship at all times
  • Players will show respect and speak respectfully to ALL peers, coaches and assistant coaches
  • Players will take full responsibility for their behaviour and recognise that if anyone is disrespected in the group peer/coach/assistant coach that the coach will follow the disciplinary procedure. 

Disciplinary Procedure 

These are the steps that our coaches will follow if they find themselves with individuals or groups that infringe the player code of conduct:

  1. Speak to the young person at the end of the lesson. The coach will identify what behaviour has been unacceptable in that session and explain that if they see that behaviour again they will be asked to take five minutes out of the session.
  2. If the young person behaves inappropriately for a second week (this does not need to be in a row) they will talk to the young person on the side of the courts and explain that this is now the second time. They will explain what the behaviour was that they were unhappy with and ask them to take five minutes out of the session before re-joining the group. The lead coach will explain that if this happens for a third time they will be speaking to their parents.
  3. If the young person behaves inappropriately for a third time (this does not need to be three weeks in a row) then the coach will take them out of the session, speak to them about the behaviour that they were not happy about, and ask them to sit out for five minutes and think about their behaviour. Then the coach will let the young person know that following that session they will be speaking to their parents. 
  4. After speaking to the parents we would expect there to be no further action needed. Conversations with the parents may identify why there is inappropriate/disrespectful behaviour going on and it can hopefully be resolved.
  5. We reserve the right to remove a player from the programme if they breach the player code of conduct set out above. If someone is to be removed from the programme or holiday camp, parents will be informed at an earlier stage and had the opportunity to help their offspring put things right.

(Please note: players will get two chances to comply with our code of conduct before we take further action in the form of informing and speaking to parents).