Junior Coaching

Please see below the sessions organised for Saturday Juniors, steered by Ellie, and available to book through the LTA Tabs in Orange.

From September, Woking Park Tennis will additionally be supporting our coaching programmes, and in respect to Junior Coaching, they will deliver the after-school sessions at Wishel's on Wednesday & Thursday afternoons.

Under the direction of Luke, the coaching team comprise of Ben, Matthew & Josh !

These are the MID-WEEK planned sessions, now available for booking: -

From Wednesday 13 September ~ Mini Red/Orange @ 5-6pm each week - link to book:

LTA Youth Start / Course 

From Wednesday 13 September ~ Junior Squad 11+ @ 6-7pm each week - link to book:

Woking Park Tennis / Coaching / Course (lta.org.uk)

From Thursday 14 September ~ Mini Orange/Green @ 5-6pm each week - link to book:

LTA Youth Start / Course