Club Sessions/Team Practice Sessions

 Please see the ability guide link above to see which category you might be advised to join.

For club sessions to run smoothly it is important that all players are of similar ability. This is why we invite introductory/new members to attend the Wednesday Evening Session so your ability can be assessed and we can advise you about either upgrading your membership or coaching. If you are unsure which session you should attend please speak to our Secretary or a Committee member. Junior members 16 and over by invitation may be able to attend Club Sessions.



How the Club Sessions will look

Tuesday - Walking Tennis 9.30 to 11 am Our new walking tennis session welcomes adults of all ages and abilities to play a gentler form of tennis. It is ideally suited to former players who wish to continue the sport at a gentler pace, anyone with restricted movement, people with long-term health conditions, post-natal mothers, and beginners. The sessions are designed to be fun, mildly active, cooperative, and sociable and we aim to match people up with players of similar ability, please contact organisers.

Wednesday - the session will be 5.30 pm to 8 pm, with a flexible start and leave time throughout the evening., These sessions are primarily for our new and introductory members and intermediate players, if higher-ranked players are attending you are asked to moderate your game accordingly to suit your opposition, we want to make sure less experienced players enjoy their games.

Friday – the session will start at 5.30 pm and run till 8 pm with flexible start and leave times throughout the evening. with 4/5 courts available. These sessions are for advanced players. Full Members Only. 

New Junior Club Session There will be a parent-led Junior session on Fridays from 15.30 to 17.30, which will be organised via the Spond App,  Members parents should have been contacted, if not let us know.

Sunday morning  – the session will start at 10.00 am until 12.30 pm, These sessions are for advanced players. Full Members (Invited Intermediates who are in transition may attend)

Sunday Afternoon - New Session Starting - extra tennis session 4.00 - 6.00 pm for new/into members to get to play more tennis, whilst getting to know other members of the Club, A Whats App will be set up to establish contacts and attendance. With your enthusiasm hopefully, we can make this a regular session where you can enjoy your tennis, as well as make new friendships.

Please choose which session you wish to attend, based on your membership.

Always make your way onto the court from the Main gate nearest to the clubhouse.

Club balls can be used for club sessions.

There will be timed games of 20 minutes each for each session. After each timed game, winners move up and split, losers stay on their court and split, and the winners on court 1 move down to court 5 and split. *If people are waiting to play please swap (this is done by first on, first off, in rotation).

At the end of each timed game if required players should exit as quickly as possible for the next timed game to start.