Booking FAQs

Name showing on the booking sheet

‘……………….. when I view the table of bookings it displays my name. I'd rather it displayed my number, as with the other people's bookings. I can't see an option for this.’

The bookings are set up so that the person booking will see their name on the booking sheet but the public view will just show ‘Booking’. There will be no public display of name or membership no.

In the first few days you will have seen a membership no. displayed. These were simply the transferred bookings from the old system to ClubSpark.

Cancellation of a booking

Once a booking has been made it can be cancelled either via a link in the booking confirmation email or in ‘MY BOOKINGS’ – at the top right hand corner of the booking sheet

Login guidance

To sign into the War Memorial Park Tennis Club website, please carry out the following steps:

1) Please ensure you are logged out of any previous ClubSpark sessions and close down all browsers before you start. If you have temporarily signed in with your Facebook or LTA account these will need to be fully signed out of before you attempt to log in with your registered details.

2) Go to the email from ClubSpark and click on the link in the email. Follow the Registration process. Make a note of whether you used LTA / Facebook / Email + password etc. method of registration, as you will need to use the same method each time you Sign In from now on.

3) Go to:

4) In the top right corner, click on "Sign In"

5) Using your registered sign-in method (LTA / FB / Email + Password etc) sign into the War Memorial Park Tennis Club site.

6) If you used Email + Password method, and cannot remember your password at any stage in the future, click on the link "Forgotten your password" and a link will be sent to your email to re-set this.