Squad Coaching

Classes run year-round following the school terms (with an extra week break at Christmas) and we include 4 weeks free of charge in case of any sessions being rained off. Split by both age and standard, they aim to combine structured teaching with plenty of games and activities to develop all-round physical literacy*.  Find out more...

In addition to the timetable below we also run seasonal courses for new players at Penarth Athletic Ground.

Step 1: Choose your session.

Step 2: Email us to enquire on spaces.

Step 3: If there is a space, enrol online.

Junior Coaching Squads

Squad Youth Squads
Plays weekly for improvement/fun/social benefits. 

Player Squads
Plays regularly including outside of sessions in club teams & tournaments.

PDC Squads
Trains 2-3 per week and competes in Open Comps / Senior Teams.
(ages 4-6)
Thurs 4-4.45pm
Wed 4.30-5.15pm 
N/A N/A  
Red (ages 6-8) Tues 3.45-4.30pm
Tues 4.30-5.15pm
Tues 4.30-5.15pm (Girls)
Wed 3.45-4.30pm
Wed 4.30-5.15pm

Tues 5.15-6.15pm
Wed 5.15-6pm


Thurs 5-6pm & Fri 4-5pm  
Orange (ages 8-10) Mon 4-4.45pm
Mon 4.45-5.30pm
Tues 3.45-4.30pm
Tues 5.15-6pm (Boys)
Tues 5.15-6pm (Girls)
Thurs 3.45-4.30pm

Wed 5-5.55pm

Mon 5.30-6.30pm & Fri 5.30-7pm  
Green (School Yrs 9-11)

Mon 4-4.45pm
Mon 4.45-5.30pm
Tues 3.45-4.30pm
Tues 5.15p-6m (Boys)
Tues 5.15-6pm (Girls)
Thurs 3.45-4.30pm

Wed 5-5.55pm
Fri 4-4.55pm
Mon 5.30-6.30pm & Fri 5.30-7pm   
Jnr 12&U Mon 4-4.45pm
Fri 3.45-4.30pm

Fri 4-4.55pm

Mon 4.45-6pm & Fri 5.30-7pm  
Jnr 14&U Mon 4-4.45pm
Fri 3.45-4.30pm
Tues 4.30-5.15pm (Boys)
Thurs 4.30-5.15pm (Girls)
Mon 4.45-6pm Wed 4.30-6pm & Fri 4.30-6pm  
Jnr 16U-18U Thurs 5.15-6pm (Boys) Please ask.  Wed 4.30-6pm & Fri 4.30-6pm  

Adult Coaching Squads

Tennis Xpress Plus - I play for fun and social benefits. I have played previously or completed a Beginner course.  Friday 9.30-10.25am
Friday 2.00-2.55pm
Ladies Pair & Play - I play for fun and social benefits. I am an Improver who can serve/rally/score. Tuesday 7.00-7.55pm
Doubles Builder - I play and compete regularly in club comps and teams. I can maintain long rallies and want to work on more advanced tactics / techniques.  Monday 2.00-2.55pm
Monday 6.30-7.25pm
Monday 7.30-8.25pm