WTC contacts 2022

(updated JL, 19/06/22)

The following roles are effective following AGM , held on 28th March 2022.

Chairman Jody Cockcroft [email protected] [For R&Rs click here]
Deputy Chairman Jo Lougheed    
Club Secretary Rachael Cockcroft  [email protected] [For R&Rs click here]
Deputy Secretary Jo Lougheed      
Treasurer Adam Stevenson     [For R&Rs click here]
Deputy Treasurer Vacant    
Membership Secretary Jody Cockcroft Tel 07860926843 [For R&Rs click here]
Deputy Membership Vacant    
Maintenance Richard Ward  [email protected]  [For R&Rs click here]
Deputy Maintenance Vacant    
Safe-Guarding/Welfare Yvonne Andow Tel 07817132859 / [email protected] [For R&Rs click here]
Deputy Welfare Elsa Looij Tel 07968906428 / [email protected]  
Publicity & Communications Elsa Looij   [For R&Rs click here]
Housekeeping Vacant   [For R&Rs click here]
Deputy Housekeeping Elsa Looij    
Parent Representative Vacant   [For R&Rs click here]
1st team Men's Captain Imed Hamrouni    [For R&Rs click here]
2nd team Men's Captain      [For R&Rs click here]
Ladies Captain Jo Down    [For R&Rs click  tbc]
Mixed Captain Jo Down    [For R&Rs click here]
Deputy Mixed Captain  Vacant    [For R&Rs click here]
WTC Head Coach Imed Hamrouni Tel 07459636436 / [email protected]  
WTC Coach & Cardio coach Rachel Cockcroft Tel 07980901967 / [email protected]  


We are always really keen to receive any suggestions or comments from club members and friends, so do please contact us with your ideas.

 If you feel you can contribute to the continuing successful running of our club then please email the Club Secretary

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WTC, Parkside Avenue, BS36 1LU (the lane between house no 18 & 20)

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Winterbourne Tennis Club
Recreation Field, Parkside Avenue
BS36 1LU

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