Membership Subscription Fees (2022)

Tennis Section:

  • Over 18 (at 1st Jan): £116
  • Student in full time education (at 1st Jan): £55
  • Ages 11 - 18 (at 1st Jan): £30
  • Under 11 (at 1st Jan): £20
  • Spouse / Partner of playing member: £65
  • Senior Player (in receipt of a state pension): £60
  • Parent: £25
  • Family Membership (2 adults + 2 Children) has a 10% reduction

Social Section

  • Over 18: £20
  • Spouse / Partner: £10
  • Senior Citizen: £12
  • Country Member: £10

Joining Fees

  • Over 18: £25

Important Information

  • The joining fee is a one-off payment for all members from the same household joining at the same time
  • Senior rates apply to members in receipt of a state pension
  • There is no joining fee for Junior players
  • Tennis section rates include a contribution towards the resurfacing of the tennis courts. £20 per adult at £10 per junior
  • Ages are as of 1st January 2021

Membership Application Forms

Membership Information

Club Rules

We kindly ask that all members follow our club rules and conduct the appropriate etiquette when using the courts.

  • Hut keys will be issued to and are for the use of adults members and others approved by the committee. These give you access to the ball cupboard and the lighting box. Please lock the hut & toilet if you are the last group to leave the area.
  • All juniors under the age of 12 must be supervised at all times for their safety and protection.
  • No food or chewing gum is to be taken on court. Drinks can be taken but only in plastic drinks containers.
  • Any adult member may use the floodlit court. At any time, once the lights have been switched off, they cannot be switched on again for 15 minutes or the bulbs will be damaged. Please make sure that the lights are switched off by 10:00PM.
  • The two recently replaced courts are secured by a combination lock to ensure that access is only available to members. The combination code is made available to new members and communicated out to all existing members at the beginning of each year when it is changed. Please ensure that the combination lock is secured if you are the last person to leave the courts.

Court Etiquette

  • Appropriate clothing must be worn for playing tennis. Correct shows must be worn. These must not leave a mark on the court surface.
  • Please do not play singles if there are people waiting for a court.
  • In the event of people sitting waiting when you are playing doubles, please only play eight games and then include those people who are waiting.