LTA East Community Club of the Year 2018 Wooburn Park Tennis Club

COVID-19 Reopening Information

GREAT NEWS! The Club has reopened following its enforced closure due to COVID-19.

The Guidelines are below:

  • Both Singles and Doubles are allowed
  • Courts must be booked via Skedda - 
  • Clubhouse - The clubhouse will continue to be closed.  Whilst guidelines allow opening of toilet facilities, this is only possible if we can guarantee sanitisation.  This would involve cleaning on an hourly basis as a minimum and as we neither have a cleaner we would expose to risks or anyone on site, our only option is for the clubhouse to remain closed.
  • Ball Use - you have 2 options here.  First and preferred is each player has their own 2 balls, that way they are the only person who ever touches them with their hands (as partners can pass with feet or racket) - this is the safest route.  However, you can choose to play with one set of balls, but advice is to regularly sanitise hands and not to touch face at all during play. 
  • Safety - remember your health is more important than winning any tennis point - even the crucial ones.  Tennis doubles is only being allowed on basis of staying 2m apart at all times from opponents and doubles partner.  If in doubt and think your actions will bring you within 2m of another player do the right thing - stop, lose the point but win the health battle.  Communicate with your partner and maybe in advance agree who will go for any shots down the middle (see LTA guidelines).
  • Respect - With potentially 16 players on court it is vital that we respect those on courts nearby.  This involves collecting balls but again like point 1, putting health before victory. If the ball is hit at an angle and getting to it would mean encroaching on another court, then simply stop and focus on winning the next point
  • Net adjustment and entry locks - nets are set at correct levels and should be left there at end of play.  If touch the 'measuring' posts or net adjustors, wipe both your hands and the items touched with an antibacterial wipe.  Note the height is at the hook on the measuring posts not at the top of the stick! Exactly the same on entry gates, once touched wipe them down and wipe your hands as well.
  • Booking/spectators - to again minimise risk we encourage all members to book via the booking system

For more information, please email [email protected] or review the LTA guidance at


Wooburn Park

Thank you for visiting our website. 

We welcome members of all ages and abilities and can provide coaching if required.

WPLTC is a 4 court club in Wooburn Green, South Bucks with floodlights. There is a mini tennis court and practice wall plus a recently refurbished club house. We were voted the LTA East Regional Community Club of the Year 2018. We have over 300 members, including juniors.

At present, our membership is unfortunately fully subscribed, and we cannot consider any new applications until 31st August when the situation will be reviewed.

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Wooburn Park Tennis Club
Wooburn Park Tennis Club
HP10 0EL

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