The Peg System

We use a Peg System for fair and easy rotation of players at our Club Social Tennis Sessions.

How the Peg System works

In case there has been any confusion over how the peg board system works for mixing in on Wednesday and Sunday Social Tennis  - it is detailed below. If you have any question or comments on this - please raise this with the committee.

  • When you come to play tennis, put your peg on the first available slot on the Waiting to Play part of the peg board i.e. to the right of the other pegs on this row. Whoever is the 1st peg from the left then gets to choose three other players from the next waiting players. This four can be mens/ladies or mixed. You can choose anybody you like so don’t be shy. 
  • Put the four you have chosen onto the relevant court on the board and go and play your game. 
  • When finished – come back and put these four pegs back on the Waiting to Play row, queue and wait to be picked again. 
  • If you refuse to play in the chosen four, then you move your peg to the back of the queue.
  • No grading, no need for a duty member though one will be present on Wednesday evenings and we will monitor how this is used to make sure it is working properly.
  • A named peg will be created for you once you registered onto a social club session: Black/Blue pegs for men & Pink pegs for ladies.


Guidance for Play

  • You should not end up playing with the same three players all session. As tempting as this can be for ‘established’ fours it is unfair on other players and against the etiquette for Club Play - If your four has just come off court and there are only four or five players in the queue it would be a good idea to wait for another court to finish so that players can be mixed up a bit 
  • To ensure that everyone gets a game, we play best of 7 games or short sets or first to 6 depending on the number of people attending.


  • If there are lots of players and not many available courts, you should all agree to play sets of 8 games before retiring - regardless of the score - until it is deemed that it is fair to resume normal first to 6 games


Club session etiquette

Our club sessions are for social tennis, mixed doubles whenever possible, so if you come to a club session you must expect to play with whoever is in the box.  If you want to play specific people you should arrange these games outside the club sessions.