Club Keys

Please note: Keys are now part of the membership sign up process as an Add-on. 

Key Costs:

  • Entrance Gate Key = £5
  • Clubhouse Key* = £15
  • Junior Toilet Key** = £10
  • Entrance + Clubhouse = £20
  • Entrance + Junior Toilet = £15

* Clubhouse key can only be purchased by adult & student members, the key also provides access to the main toilet.  

** Junior Toilet is located around the far side of the clubhouse, please push against the door as you unlock.

Purchasing Keys at a later date

Joined the membership but then decided on purchasing keys? Please contact the Membership Secretary by email, with details on which keys you wish to purchase and you will be sent a ClubSpark payment request email (sometimes goes to junk/spam folders), once payment has been completed we will arrange key collection.



Please note - the floodlight coin meters are located inside the clubhouse.  If you wish to use the floodlights, you will need to purchase a clubhouse key.


Refunds for non-members:

£5 refund per gate key, £10 refund per clubhouse key and £8 refund per junior toilet key on return of keys to membership secretary: (please include your bank details).