Important Information

Club Handbook & Keys

When applying for membership, you confirm that you have read and understood the Club rules and policies as defined in the Club Handbook and on the website and agree to abide by all Club rules.

Subscriptions exclude the cost of keys, you will need to apply separately for keys, "Click Here:" If you wish to use the floodlights, you will need a key to the clubhouse to access the floodlight coin meters.

  • Entrance Gate Key: £5 
  • Clubhouse Key: £15 for adults
  • Junior Toilet Key: £5
  • Adults - entrance gate & clubhouse keys: £20
  • Juniors - entrance gate & junior toilet keys: £10

(A refund of £5 per gate key, £10 per clubhouse key and £8 per junior WC key will be made on return of keys to the Membership Secretary on leaving the club.  Please email with your bank details for a refund to be made.)


Joining and Renewing your membership 

All existing members will have a £10 surcharge added to their rate if subs are NOT paid by 1st April each year.

Full year subscriptions are due on 1st April each year. They run from 1st April to 31st March.

  • For new members joining after 30th June, there is a pro-rata reduction on a quarterly basis.
  • To become an active member of Wrecclesham Tennis Club you must complete the relevant sign up form and pay in full (14-day cooling off period from payment received date).
  • Wrecclesham Tennis Club does not offer any refunds of membership.
  • Wrecclesham operates a Support Fund for those struggling to pay the fees; please "click here" to enquire in strict confidence


Please note; if you go by a nickname or middle name, etc and join using your legal name the committee reserve the right to see documentation with your legal name to ensure your membership is administered correctly and to ensure no-one is using your details without permission. 

If you apply to join with “fake name” then the committee reserve the right to cancel your membership as the membership applied for cannot be administered correctly and to the correct individual/s. 


Visitors' Fees

A member may introduce no more than three playing visitors to the Club on any one occasion. An individual may be a visitor at most six times in a year.  

Visitors' fees will be taken online at the time of booking a court, using the Clubspark payment system.  Payments will be taken either by Credit or Debit card.


Information governing the use of the clubhouse and courts will be posted via email, on the website, Club notice board and around the site. Members must abide by any notices concerning the use of facilities and equipment. The clubhouse must be vacated by 10.30pm and floodlights off by 10pm.



Coaching of any kind can only be provided by the Club's listed coaching team (Pin Point Tennis Team). Wrecclesham members NOT listed as coaches with the club's coaching team are unable to provide any coaching, free or paid, on our courts. The listed club coaches will teach or assist the relevant groups or 1-2-1's as based on their qualifications.



Members should abide by the Wrecclesham Tennis Club Codes of Conduct for Members and Parents and Guardians as they appear in the most recent Club handbook. Members should abide by the Lawn Tennis Association Tennis Court Etiquette displayed on the Club noticeboard. Members should give due respect and consideration to other members, opposing players and visitors to the Club. They should not behave in any manner that would bring the Club into disrepute.

The various facilities of the Club - such as courts, clubhouse, equipment - are for the enjoyment of all members, and these should therefore be treated with care at all times. Inappropriate behaviour could result in a member being excluded from the Club or forfeiting their right to access the clubhouse. All members should always be considerate to local residents and users of the recreation ground.


Court Booking

Court booking is online and players must hold in-date membership to book the courts. Members may book a court up to 7 days in advance, unless it is a tournament match. No court can be booked if there is a league match, club session or event or court maintenance, which will be shown on the court booking pages online.  A court may be booked by a member involved in a club tournament or an official competition recognised by the Committee, any time prior to the proposed day of play.



Juniors shall not occupy a court on a week day after 6.30pm, unless:

  • They are with an adult member

Parents and guardians take full responsibility for the welfare and security of their children who are aged 16 and under when they are on club premises.

Children under the age of 13 must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian when at the tennis club outside of an organised club session. **

** For organised junior Club sessions, please check with the coaching team.

These are just a selected few of the club rules; for the full club rules (which you agree to abide by when you sign up for membership), please see the Club Handbook by "clicking here."