Coaching & Stringing


Unfortunately we have no coach available at the club at this time.


Your strings are the most important part of your racket.

After a restring you will experience more power, spin and feel.

You should have a restring every 3-6 months depending on often you play and at what level.

Even if you haven’t played with your racket for a while it still needs a restring as it will have lost tension.

If your strings are frayed that means they are coming apart- you should definitely restring when your strings look shaggy as you will lose power and control.

As tension is lost the strings stretch more meaning the ball will flatten on the strings less resulting in lost energy.                                                     

If the sound when you hit the ball is dull or different from what it used to sound like this could be caused by lost tension.

Three options for stringing can be found below -

Andy Norman Telephone - 07786 362299 . Address - 5 Fylingdales, Thatcham,. RG19 3LB

Give Andy a call to discuss the best drop off/collection points, the type of string and any tension requests. Andy works from home, is experienced and can normally return a racket within a day, but is happy to discuss if the need is more urgent. 

Olly Tims also offers racquet restringing and is based in Newbury. Call him on 07769 704988 or email

Olly is also able to offer grip replacing and enlarging service, grommet replacement and advice on tennis elbow and other injuries.

Stringing is also available through Bradfield Tennis Club.