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Racket Restringing

Having the correct tension and strings on your racket can make a huge difference to your game and can also prevent injury. Many people, don't know what tension or strings they enjoy using, if you would like help picking a string and tension, please get in touch and I can help out. 


I make sure I only recommend strings I would personally use or play with.


Stringing is as little as £17.50 if you provide the strings or £25 for strings I provide. I only ever string with equipment I would use personally. If you or friends like a particular string, I can also source them cheaper in reel form as I know strings can be expensive in a single pack!  


Retro Grips

These funky grips allow you to stand out and personalise your racket even more. Get in touch for more colours and patterns.

1 grip - £4

4 grips - £15


Finding the right racket for you!

If you are struggling to find the correct racket, then we can help. Alex and I have used many rackets in our time coaching and competing. I have always used Babolat rackets as these work best for my spin based game and Alex has mostly use Wilson due to the power he put on the ball. 

We can have a look at the way you play and work with you to find the correct racket. It's not always the most expensive rackets that are the best!

As coaches, we have special discounts on some popular and trusted online shops so we can help you save money too! 


If you are interested in any of the above, get in touch. 

Email -

Phone - 07452 890543