Social tennis is very important at Alkrington Tennis Club.  

We have a booking system for our members to book courts.  We ask that all members adhere to this.  Please social distance with other members who might be playing at the same time and to remember to wipe down gates and handles once finished. 

Martin Collinge is the co-ordinator, who can be contacted on 07812 072626.

We have regular MONDAY NIGHT TENNIS (MNT) through the year.  Between mid September and early April, MNT is played here at ATC between 6pm and 9pm.  All are welcome to attend and join in.   The emphasis is on fun, enjoyable tennis.  During the playing season (April to September), we use an alternative venue.  The same times apply. Regular updates are placed on social media.  

Saturday Social has been running for many a long year and is as popular as ever.  It starts from 1230 hours and lasts for about 90 minutes.  As for MNT, the emphasis is on fun, enjoyable tennis and all members are welcome.

"Ad Hoc" sessions are regularly arranged for social tennis and we endeavour to contact as many people as possible so the numbers are good.

If you use WhatsApp, let Martin know your number.  This is a great way to contact other members quickly.  

I would be delighted to help anyone with any aspect of social tennis - just give me a call.  

Best Wishes,