What membership options are there?

Please see our membership page for the latest offers and packages 

How do I obtain a club house key?

A club house key can be optained by paying a £7 deposit. Please contact info@armleytennis.net for further details

How do I book a court?

Please see our court booking page or download the ClubSpark Booker App available on iOS or Android

Can I bring a guest?

Members are permitted to invite guests to play at Armley Tennis Club, subject to payment of a visitor's fee of £3.50 per visit.

A particular guest may play at the club for a maximum of 3 times, after which they will be expected to become a member.

Guest names and their guest fees can be added and paid via a booking when the court is booked by the website 

When is 'club night'?

Turn up and play club socials run on Tuesday evenings through the Summer from 6-8.30pm. 

You will be expected to mix in and rotate with all other players - please see guidelines below:

  • No pre-arranging – come along and join in
  • Once 4 players are present a set can begin.
  • This will be a short set – the first pair to 5 games with a tie break at 4-4 and sudden death deuce points.
  • If additional players have arrived and are waiting, players should decide who will leave the court to make way for new players.
  • Once there are sufficient players to start a second or third match, they should do so.
  • Play should continue on 2 or 3 courts, with any player who has been waiting joining in when sets finish, so people take turns to sit out and to play.
  • Players should continue to swap between courts and playing partners throughout the session.

How do I get involved with the teams?

If you're looking for competitive tennis we have men's, ladies and medley teams in both the Leeds and Bradford tennis leagues. 

Ladies team captain - Kate Hoggard
Men's Leeds team captain - Stuart Pedder
Men's Bradford team captain - Brendan Phillips
Medley team captain - Brendan Phillips

How do I play in the singles ladder?

We run a members only singles ladder via the Sportch app catering for all abilities. Further details can be found on our singles ladder page

How much does it cost to book a court?

Members per half hour

  Indoor Outdoor
Off Peak £3.00 Free
Peak £6.50 £2.00 (Courts 2-3)


Non Members per half hour

  Indoor Outdoor
Off Peak £7.50 £3.00
Peak £9.00 £5.50



Is coaching available?

Our Coaching Programme is run by Our Head Coach Eleanore. Please see our coaching page for more details

Can I join the committee?

Yes please! Armley Tennis Club is run by a group of volunteer members who give their time to keep the club going. Therefore we're always more than happy to welcome new volunteers and fresh ideas.