Singles ladder available to all paid up members of Armley Tennis Club

Members of Armley Tennis Club have access to an  ‘App’ run singles competition produced and managed by a company called Sportch

It provides a flexible competition for all members keen to play more singles tennis. We think the downloadable app makes it easy to use and fun to play.

You will need to pay an additional £5 to join the club's ladder. Please go to this link and click on the shopping trolley half way down the page.

For more information on the competition, please watch this video or email [email protected] but please first see if the FAQ's below answers your question. 

If you are interested, please follow the guidance at the bottom of this page (Question 8) to register with Sportch and get yourself ready for the upcoming singles season!


Q1: What is this competition?

A1: This is an ongoing SINGLES tennis competition available to all members over the age of 18 and of any ability.

Q2: What about doubles?

A2: Not yet unfortunately but Sportch are working on a doubles format.

Q3: How much will it cost me?

A3: £5 starter fee which will cover your Sportch membership for a full year.

Q4: How does it work?

A4: You play people of a similar ability within a group of 5 and accrue points for winning. Wins and losses will see you rise or fall on the club ladder which will be managed by an ‘App’ that you must register with (see Q8 below).

Q5: How is my starting position decided?

A5: It is based on the standard you assign yourself when you first register.

Q6: What happens if I become injured or if I am on holiday etc?

A6: You can select yourself as ‘inactive’ on the ladder at any time which will automatically remove you for as long as you wish. When you are ready to play again, you pick up with the same points so you will not necessarily drop to the bottom.

Q7: Do you need to play a fixed number of games/sets?

A7: No. The two players decide on the length of the match.

Q8: Great, I’m in! What do I need do next?

A8: Follow the instructions below.

- Download the free "Sportch" app from your Apple/Google/Web app store:

- Open the app and tap "Sign Up"

- During registration please ensure to do the following 3 things:

           1. Select "Leeds" as location

           2. Select "Armley Tennis club" as club

           3. And ensure to select to play in "Club ladder" and not Location ladder

           You do not need to enter an LTA membership number but feel free to if you are a member.