Zoll AED

The club has a Zoll AED 3 located in the clubhouse for emergency use. Whilst primarily for the benefit of Tennis Club users it can also be made available by members for public use in the area adjacent to the courts. 

As a result of training by St John's Ambulance the club has introduced some additional tools to help members if they have to use the defibrillator.

The following can now be found on the worktop in the club house and should not be moved unless in use. Please familiarise yourselves when you next visit the club and also make sure you know the code to gain entry into the clubhouse.

  • Defibrillator with 1 set pads and tuff cut scissors. These scissors are to be used to cut through clothing to reveal bare chest to apply pads.
  • Clipboard with emergency action sheet
  • Plastic box labelled Defibrillator accessories containing kitchen roll (to dry chest if needed), disposable gloves, safety disposable razor (to shave chest hair if needed), pen, mouth to mouth shield and 2 aspirin tablets in an envelope with instructions to use under medical supervision only.

Defibrillator information

  • Whilst the AED is simple to operate we strongly suggest that you familiarise yourself with its operation.
  • If you need to use it press the 'on' button and you will receive information both visually and through audio as to what to do step by step.
  • The user manual can be found here Zoll AED 3 manual .
  • Various videos can be found on YouTube including this one Training Video. Please note that the club model is the fully automatic version.

Please ensure that the AED unit is always returned to the clubhouse after use and notify Jonathan Wales by email at treasurer.btc@gmail.com, or any committee member that it has been used. It will need to be checked and the one time pads replaced before being available for future use.

*The AED is provided for member use and the committee is unable to accept any liability if the AED is technically or physically unavailable or take responsibility for its ultimate use.

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