Final Results: Cheshire Senior County Teams 2022

County Teams: Results and Contacts

Cheshire County LTA is responsible for running 13 county teams of varying age groups. In addition to our County Men's and Ladies' teams who compete in the Summer County Cup and in the Winter Indoor County Cup, we have 11 Seniors teams. All of these teams compete nationally against other counties. 

Men’s Senior County Cup 2022. Results and player summary

0ver 45 Captain Stuart Owens, Group 2B

Home: Buckinghamshire Lost 4-1

Team Emil Haye, Gary Brown, Stuart Owens, Roger Hill

Finished 2nd Group 2B

Over 50 Captain Gary Brown, Group 2A

Away: Nottinghamshire Lost 4-1

Team Adam Holloway, James Barlow, Chris Forrest, Mark White

Finished 2nd Group 2A

Over 55 Captain James Stokes, Group 1B

Away: Devon Lost 5-0, Staffordshire Lost 4-1

Home: Yorkshire Lost 5-0, Surrey Lost 4-1

Players (matches):  Emil Haye (4), James Stokes (4) , Roger Grimshaw (2), Neil Cutter (1) Leigh Owen (2), Ian Tennant (1), Guy Ellice-Clark (1), Phil Stafford (1)

Finished 6th Group 1B

Over 60 Captain John Simpson, Group 1B

Team withdrawn before season started as not enough players.

Friendly Staffordshire away, Won 4-1.

Team Jeff Fairbotham, James Stokes, Steve Garbutt and Mark Reading.


Over 65 Captain Brendan Kearney, Group 2B

Away: Devon Won 3-2, Lincolnshire Won 3-2

Home: Warwickshire Lost 4-1, Nottinghamshire Won 5-0, Yorkshire Won 4-1.

Players (matches): Dan Hopkins (4), Geoff Forster (5), Brendan Kearney (4), James Gibbs (3), John Hilton (4), Jeff Fairbotham (3), Andrew Benc (1)

Finished 2nd Group 2B


Over 40s Group 2a

Won 4 matches and had one conceded. Lost 1. Sadly 2 teams were deleted from the group due to unplayed games and we have ended up 2nd.  Had all results stood we would have been 1st!

Warwickshire 2-3, Cumbria 4-1, S Wales 5-0, N Wales 5-0, H&W 3-2.

Players: Steph Almond, Louise Baxter, Lis Bevan, Caroline Harrison, Vicki McNeight, Sally Proudlove, Jenny Spencer and captain Lorraine Sinclair-Lawrence.

Over 50s Group 3b

Won all their 4 matches though one team were later finished 1st and have been promoted to the 2nd division next year.

Berkshire 2-2 (5-4), Dorset 2-2 (5-4), Northumberland 4-0, Devon 4-0.

Players: Lis Bevan, Alison Lewis, Sarah Marshall, Rachel Turner and Captain Jannette Harris

 Over 60s Group 2b

Won 1 and lost 3 so unfortunately were relegated to division 3 next year. This is a new group of players and captain so hopefully with this seasons experience they will have more success next year.

Bucks 2-2 won on games, Leicester 1-3, Shropshire 1-3, Oxfordshire 0-4

Players: Gaynor Hawthornthwaite, Di Mayman, Debbie McKeever, Vicki Robertson, Jean Thistleton, Jeanette Walker, Jacqui Wood and Captain Sue Paton.

Over 65s Group1b

Won 3 and lost 1 as had to concede the last rubber due to time constraints. The team finished 1st and went on to play at the National Play offs in Sheffield.  Unfortunately we lost to a very strong Norfolk team 4-1.

E of Scotland 2-3, Shropshire 5-0, S Wales 3-2, Lincs 3-2.

Players: Barbara Bloor, Kathy Clifford, Helen Patterson, Vicki Robertson, Linda Simpson, Virginia Vale and Captain Sue Winters.

 Over 70s Group 2a

Won all 4 games after a lot of trouble fulfilling one fixture so finished 1st and will be promoted to division 1 next year.

Oxfordshire 4-0, Warwickshire 3-1, Shropshire 2-2 won on games, Hants and IOW 2-2 (5-4)

Players: Barbara Bloor, Kate Burrows, Sally Parsonage, Liz Sweeting and Captain Linda Wood.

Over 75s Group 1b

Won 3 and lost 1 so finished 2nd.

Suffolk 3-1, Northumberland 1-3, Surrey 2-2 (5-4), Lincs 3-1.

Players: Ann Bate, Cindy Fryer, Viv Harrison, Sue Wright and Captain Kay Young.