For nearly 120 years Cheshire County LTA has admisistered and promoted tennis actvities in the County. It was, for the majority of that time, made up entirely of volunteers drawn from the club network. In more recent times, as the role of the LTA has expanded, these same volunteers have worked alongside their new colleagues.

The organisation of tennis in Cheshire is constantly changing to reflect the demands of the modern player. The traditional areas of activity such as County teams, championships and player development have been broadened to embrace all places where tennis is played (including parks and schools) and a wide varety of competition formats to cover all standards and ages.

Along with the LTA we work in partnership with Places to Play, educational establishments and local authorities to help them improve their facilities, coaching and competition programmes and in many other areas.

The newly launched "Friends of Cheshire" is an ideal opportunity  for any business to get behind an organisation committed to promoting a healthy and fully inclusive sport. It is also a chance for anyone, who may not be able to offer their time, to make a real contribution to supporting tennis, for all its players, in our County.