Singles Tennis

Annual Singles Championships

Each year we run both a men's and ladies' singles championships.  It is normally a knock-out, and depending on numbers first round losers go through to a plate knock-out.  Open to all 16+ members (occassionally experienced under 16's with the express agreement of the club coach).  An invitation to join the competition is emailed to all players in April.


Singles Box League

The singles tennis box league has been set up to enable competitive singles matches against players of a similar level.  Each box has 4 to 6 players and you play everyone in your box (roughly 2 weeks to play each game) - winners go up, losers down, so you end up at the right level. 

It's open to all members 16+, players of all abilities are encouraged to join in.  By entering you commit to play a box game at least once every two weeks.  If you wish to join next time email



Email scores to and also write them on the printed copy in the clubhouse.  At the deadline. the player with the most points goes up to the box above, and the player with the least point goes down to the box below.

Matches are the best of 3 sets:

* Games go to sudden death on the 2nd deuce (unless both players agree before to play full games)

* Sets are the first to 4 games (unless both players agree before starting to play full sets)

* Normal set tie breaks; first to 7; 2 points clear

* If one set all, then a tie break to 10 (unless both players want to play a 3rd set).


You get 1 point for playing, 2 points if you win one set, and 4 points if you are the winner.  It is the responsibility of both players to arrange the matches.  If you cannot arrange a convenient time between you then both players will take 0 points.

This is competitive but friendly opportunity for singles match play - but in the case of dispute JL will arbitrate and if necessary introduce new rules.