How Coaching Can Help

Following on from the guidance we have received from the LTA today 31st May  we are looking to reintroduce GROUP COACHING as soon as possible.

Numbers are now limited to a MAXIMUM of 5 players per session so we are investigating new ways we can run our drop in adult coaching, Watch this space.

Individual lessons are still available. 

Known as Bushnell’s law Atari founder Nolan Bushnell is credited with coining the phrase “All the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master.  They should reward the first quarter and the hundredth” .  Whilst he was talking about video game design he could just as easily have been describing tennis!

Whether you’re just starting to learn or are some way towards mastering the game coaching is a great way to help you develop your stroke and match play.

A coach works with you constantly assessing your strengths and development areas.  They provide feedback on your play, discussing and demonstrating the changes you need to make to improve your performance.  A coach remains positive and motivates you to improve your game.


Our Coaching Programme

Led by Nigel Allingham, our Head Coach, the coaching team delivers weekly training programmes for Adults and Juniors.  For Juniors they also provide additional courses during the school holidays:-

Adult Coaching – Weekly Programme: To learn more about our Adult coaching programme please follow this quick link --> Adult Coaching

► Junior Coaching –Annual Programme: All our of Junior coaching is structured within the context of an annual programme Please follow this quick link to download a copy of the annual programme --> Annual Programme - Juniors

► Junior Coaching –Weekly Programme: To learn more about our Junior coaching programme please follow this quick link --> Junior Coaching

Junior Coaching – Next School Holiday: To learn more about courses for Juniors being held in the next school holiday and to obtain enrolment forms please follow this quick link --> Junior Coaching School Holidays   


Bespoke Coaching: Nigel is also able to provide coaching sessions for individuals or small groups (for example couples or families).  These sessions can be fully tailored to your own needs and goals.  Please contact Nigel on 07432 846652 or email to discuss your own requirements further.  


Gift Vouchers: Nigel can also provide coaching gift vouchers that can make the ideal gift for someone keen to improve their tennis 

You can learn more about our coaching team by clicking this quick link to Meet The Team.