General Code of Conduct

At CLTSA we pride ourselves in being a friendly and welcoming Club, inviting all people regardless of race, gender or background (see our Diversity Policy) to use our facilities safely.  We ask that all members, guests and members of the public coming into or using our facilities respect and adhere to our policies with regard to Safeguarding (copies of our policies are available in the Clubhouse and on this website).

General Code of Conduct

  • Please ensure that before you begin an activity that you have checked in at the Clubhouse to secure your booking or pay for your court/facility
  • Please wear the appropriate clothing and footwear for the activities you undertake and the prevailing weather conditions. If in doubt check with facility staff
  • Treat everyone you meet and play against with respect and display good sportsmanship
  • Treat the facilities with care and report any problems to a member of staff
  • Look out for your own welfare and that of others
  • Any irresponsible, abusive, bullying, inappropriate or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated and will be reported to the relevant authority

We hope that you enjoy your visit or activity at CLTSA and have a really positive experience with us. If, however, you have any concerns that relate to the facilities or a potential safeguarding issue please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff or contact the CLTSA Safeguarding Officer.

Our policies include: Safeguarding Summary and Full Policy, Diversity, Discipline and Appeals, Safeguarding for Events: Activities and Tournaments, Social Media and conform to LTA registered venue guidelines.  All documents are available from the club office with some hard copies on the noticeboards around the site.

Jess Stubenbord  - Safe Guarding Officer    01263 513741