The coaching team

Our experienced coaching team are available for group and private lessons, both members and non-members

Kerstin Polster - Head Coach

LTA  Licensed Coach (UKCC level 4), RPT European Professional & BTV C-Trainer, RPT & LTA Tutor.  Kerstin started her tennis coaching career in Germany having gained her BTV-C Trainer License and also worked in many European holiday destinations before moving to the UK in 1997. In the UK, Kerstin gained her RPT - National and European Professional certificate and became LTA Licensed (UKCC Level 4). Kerstin moved into Coach Education in 2006 by becoming an RPT Tutor, in 2008/2009 she added the NVQ A1 Assessor, as well as the LTA Tutor qualification.  Kerstin has a Masters in Sports and English and qualifications in Sports Science, Sports Psychology and Coaching Methodology.

Kerstin is available to give individual and group lessons. Please call on 07866 765505 or email

Jason Liasides - Senior Club Coach & Fitness Professional 

LTA Licensed (UKCC level 3) & RPT European Professional.  Advanced Level 4 Personal Trainer & Low Back Specialist.  Jason joined the Dulwich coaching team in 2003. As Senior Club Coach Jason provides tailored tennis lessons for groups and individuals.  Jason is a fully qualified personal trainer and has been delivering professional fitness for 6 years. He provides various programmes including weight management, strength and conditioning, core stability training and nutrition.  He is also responsible for the Fitness programme of our top two Academy squads. 

Jason is available for individual and group lessons. Please call on 07725 314491 or contact him via email at

Patrice Fanals - Club Coach

LTA licensed Level 3 & RPT National Professional.  Patrice joined our coaching team in 2016. He started playing tennis in France when he was 6 years old and was training at a Tennis Academy in Spain from the age of 13. He was competing in international tournaments in Spain and France.

Patrice is available for individual and group lessons. Please contact him on 07966 448212 or on