Terms of membership

Dulwich Lawn Tennis Club is a section of Dulwich Sports Club, a community amateur sports club owned and run by its members.  The articles of association of Dulwich Sports Club are here, but as they're long and boring the most important points are: 

  1. You're joining a club - that is a group of players who have clubbed together to own and organise the sports facilities. We're not a business and you're not a customer.  You have an equal responsibility to make the Club work for all, so please treat anything organised or done for you as a favour from a friend.
  2. We're an open Club and everyone applying will normally be automatically and admitted to the Club.   The tennis committee may however set limits on the number of members in each category and has the power to refuse membership or expel a member in exceptional circumstances, if it in its sole discretion determines that it would be in the interests of the Game or of the Club to do so.  No-one will be denied membership on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, age, disability, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, religion, political or other beliefs.  
  3.  Your membership subscription will be paid to Dulwich Sports Club, which is a non-profit company limited by the guarantee of its members. The first £2 of your subscription provides a guarantee in the event the Sports Club becomes insolvent, and this is the extent of your liability.   
  4. Subscriptions are not refundable, other than in the most exceptional circumstances and at the absolute discretion of the tennis committee.  
  5. You have the right to participate in the governance of the Club, including for adults the right to stand and vote for membership of the tennis committee and Sports Club council and to attend and vote at the Annual General Meetings of both Dulwich Lawn Tennis Club and Dulwich Sports Club.  
  6. Your tennis membership covers access to the courts with no further court fees.   The tennis committee also organises various free events including coach-organised drop-ins with balls and floodlights provided, free american tournaments on the bank holidays.  You are responsible for any costs beyond this, including for floodlights, balls, coaching, guests (and drinks!).