Welfare Officer

Welfare Officers

The Welfare Officer is responsible for promoting safeguarding within their venue and working with others to ensure a safe and inclusive environment is achieved The Welfare Officer must not be a member of the venue’s coaching team and should not be related to a member of the coaching team (for example, their spouse).

The Welfare Officer should be someone over the age of 18.

Main duties include:

• Work with others in the club to promote safeguarding, diversity and inclusion and ensure compliance with the LTA’s minimum standards for venue registration

• Work with others in the club to ensure safeguarding and diversity and inclusion information, including policies, reporting procedures and details of the venue Welfare Officer are visible and available

• Work with others in the club to promote the venue’s Code of Conduct(s)

• Ensure safeguarding and diversity and inclusion is on the agenda at committee meetings

• Act as the first point of contact for all children and adults where concerns about welfare, discrimination, poor practice or abuse are identified

• Work with the LTA Safeguarding Team when concerns arise within the venue

• Maintain contact details for the LTA Safeguarding Team and key statutory agencies

• Contact the Local Authority children’s or adults’ social care teams and the police about concerns where appropriate

• Work with the LTA Safeguarding Team to facilitate audits of the venue in relation to the minimum standards

• Work with the Committee/Management and LTA to facilitate the completion of any action plan to address the results of an audit

• Work with others in the venue to ensure the relevant people at the venue have completed a satisfactory criminal records check Skills and traits

• Tactful and discrete

• Able to resolve conflict

• Engaging and supportive

• Approachable and trustworthy

• Good listener and friendly

• Caring and understanding

• Professional and helpful Training

• Safeguarding and Protection in Tennis (or another course approved by the LTA) – required

• Time to Listen – required

• Yearly updates – optional Key relationships

• Chairperson and management committee

• Coaches

• Volunteers at the venue

• All members – junior and senior, plus parents/carers of junior members Time commitment

• Attendance at key venue events, such as open days and junior competition

• Attendance at management committee meetings Criminal records check

• Essential for this role – see here for more information


Buckingham Park Tennis - Welfare Officer (Top Picture)