2016 Clubnights for Friday and Sunday Sessions

Last year we had trialled the idea of organised matches on Friday Club night which proved to be very popular however we did receive some feedback on how to improve these sessions. We will be continuing with the Friday organised matches at 6:30 and 7:30 however these will now only take up three of the courts meaning that social play can continue to happen on the other two courts. This should allow any members not wanting an organised match to turn up at there leisure and use the spare courts, but also mean that the number of members playing on club night will continue at the level we had seen last year after many years of dwindling.

We are also looking into improving the format of Sunday Club sessions. We would like to trial a ladder system to be used on three courts on Sunday with two lots of matches being played at 12:00 and 1:30. There would be a mens ladder league and a ladies ladder league. These would be doubles matches and we ask you to find your own partner. Ladder systems have worked really well in the past at our club for juniors and have worked well at other clubs as well. Myself and Neil are just finalising the format and the rules for this and will be sharing it with all members this week with the aim of starting in a fortnights time. Again this would not replace the social tennis aspect and there will always be courts free for people playing socially. We believe that this could improve the number of people playing socially on a Sunday as there will be more people around using the club on that day.

We are constantly trying to find ways of improving the options for members wanting to play at the club and improve participation levels which have such a huge impact on funding applications that we apply for. Should you have any ideas  on how we can do this we will always take your opinion into account.